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The Funniest Liberal Freakouts Over Elon Musk Offering to Buy Twitter

On Thursday, billionaire and free speech absolutist Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter.

Why does he want to buy Twitter? To restore free speech for conservatives and everyone else.

You know, that principle the ACLU and the Left used to fight for?

Times have changed. The idea that Musk might buy Twitter and return the platform to free and unfettered speech has liberals in full freakout mode.

One even suggested Musk was Hitler!

Musk is a threat to democracy...for wanting to make Twitter more democratic? Okay...

Musk is an invader! Whatever that means.

Musk is a threat to the free world!

These lefties call Musk a bully and then suggest that Twitter should bully Musk. Classy.

"Musk will delete democracy!"

Obama campaign alumni Jon Cooper wants to stop Musk with a GoFundMe.

Then there's Max Boot.

Shorter Max Boot: Democracy will die if we allow opinions that disagree with Max Boot.

Last month, Musk asked this simple but important question:

The results seemed to have led to his recent offer to buy Twitter after becoming the company's largest shareholder last week.

Now he wants to buy it, presumably to restore free speech.

And the Left HATES it! They only want their speech expressed. Their ideas. Their policies. Their agenda.

Progressives need to look up "democracy" in the dictionary and refresh themselves. Because they should be free to debate their ideas. Others should be free to do so as well. Free speech, across the board.

Anything less would be an actual threat to democracy.


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Apr 15, 2022


Apr 15, 2022

I would only point out one flaw to this article: whenever the Left goes to the dictionary and finds a definition they don't like, they change it. Democracy will always remain what these people want it to be. There has never been a single democracy where every citizen has had a voice (remember that the US is a constitutional republic, not a democracy). The Soviets limited it to party members in good standing. Same in China. The Classical Greek democracies? Yeah, that was limited to male citizens in good social standing (not the poor, women, or slaves), a gross minority of the total populations. The Left is indeed fighting for democracy, just one that doesn't exist within our constitution.


Apr 15, 2022

It would seem to me there are ALOT! of libs that dont know what Democracy means.. what they think is Democracy is actually dictatorship and communism. when you inhibit someone or something to your standards that is not democracy... Jeesh libs are dumb..

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