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The Hypocrisy of the Climate Cult

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

TOPIC: The Climate Change Cult and Its Impact on Freedom



"The beauty of Donald Trump is that he goes the total opposite. You heard him on the other day with FOX. Day one. I'm going to drill. And so I can't find any other places to drill. That's exactly the type of response that a Republican politician needs to have."


  • The conference is an elitist event, with leaders flying in private jets to discuss environmental issues.

  • The UK Prime Minister spent more time flying to the conference than he did at the conference. Yet another hypocritical elitist flying a private jet while complaining about your car.

  • These climate conferences and the proposed measures are wildly ineffective at best, especially when major polluters like China are not held to the same standards.

  • The push for environmental policies, such as banning gas stoves and reducing meat consumption, infringes on personal freedoms and choices. The elites want to take away your rights in the name of their climate religion.

  • The climate change agenda is being driven more by financial interests and has become a sort of religion for some.

  • Republicans often fear backlash from the media for opposing popular environmental narratives more than they care to do what is right.

  • Donald Trump's direct approach to energy independence is correct. We need to do away with Republicans fearing the media and the climate cultists.

  • Climate change was a low-priority issue for most voters in the 2020 election.

  • Historic climate change agendas have failed, miserably. There is little to suggest that this time around would be any different.



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