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The Keys to the White House in 2024

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

TOPIC: The Dynamics of U.S. Presidential Election: Race, Gender, and Independent Voters



"Inflation has to be the number one driver for why women are turning. You know, they voted for Trump, then they voted against Trump. And if they're flocking back, it's got to be inflation."


  • In primaries and caucuses, smaller states like Iowa and New Hampshire can significantly influence the outcome.

  • Race plays a crucial role in elections; a shift in the black vote can significantly impact results, especially in swing states.

  • The potential candidacy of Michelle Obama could dramatically increase the black and female vote for Democrats.

  • Joe Biden's declining popularity among black and female voters poses a challenge for his re-election prospects.

  • Inflation is a key issue driving women, particularly suburban women, away from Democratic candidates.

  • The role of independent voters is critical, with a third-party candidate like RFK Jr. potentially playing spoiler to the Democrat candidate's 2024 hopes.

  • Control of Congress becomes crucial if no presidential candidate reaches 270 electoral votes.

  • The political landscape can change rapidly, as seen in past primaries where early frontrunners lost momentum.


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