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The Trump Train Stops in Ohio


DAVID: Hey everybody David Bozell with ForAmerica. I just wanted to give a quick hat tip, a thank you to President Trump. He did a terrific thing today going out to East Palestine. And I understand, he's got a huge base of support their there in eastern Ohio and they would choose him over President Biden before, during, and after this.

But he could have sat- President Trump could have sat around like every other back bencher in the political space and complained and then not done anything. He shows up to East Palestine, Ohio with tens of thousands of pounds of food, thousands of pounds of bottled water. He puts his money where his mouth is.

Just in case you haven't understood the totality of what went down there, that's a town of 4,800 people. That's it. It's a pretty small town and three dozen train cars derailed there, 36 cars derailed there. Exploded, set on fire, burnt purposely, but you can imagine how it just totally turns a town of that size upside down.

And they needed American support and President Trump was... blessed to be in a unique position to provide it. And I just, we just wanted to be on record thanking him. He gets a lot of grief for his Truths or Tweets or whatever, but there's only one CEO/politician that would've had the instincts to say, "let's put all that aside and go, just go and let's bring a plane full of gear with us to help these people."

So kudos to him for doing that. And hopefully East Palestine can get the the aid and the support and the healthcare that they need because this disaster was brought upon them. These train cars were filled with all the-- I basically failed chemistry, so I won't even try to pronounce some of these things, but they're all the chemicals that produce plastics. All the packaging material that you see out there, inks and paints. It's all the stuff that you would never wanna put in your body. And then there it is... lying on the ground, into their waterways. And then you can't get anybody from the federal government in a leadership position, in a public leadership position.

I can hear the fact checkers now like the EPA is on the ground now. How about a public display of support for these folks? And there's no joke they're hurting. So when Republicans do good things, and in this instance President Trump has done a great thing, we gotta celebrate that and honor that and we wanted to be on record and thanking him for bringing those materials.

It's something that only a CEO could have-- this sort of the the wherewithal to pull off and pull the trigger on and get done as quickly as he did. So good on Trump and we hope the people of East Palestine can get better.


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