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There's No Reason to Fund Biden's Agenda

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

(From 29:00)

TOPIC: The Political Landscape Under Joe Biden and the Strategy for Republicans


"There's no reason to fund [Biden's] agenda. None."


  1. Joe Biden's popularity is waning, with a Washington Post poll showing him trailing Trump by ten points.

  2. The Washington Post's op-ed by David Ignatius, a known figure among the deep state, suggests Biden should not run again.

  3. The Washington Post is a good source for understanding the Left's strategy and direction.

  4. Biden's political position is weakened by factors like Hunter's indictment and his declining approval ratings.

  5. Republicans need to take a strong stance against funding Biden's agenda, both from a policy and political perspective - you can't excuse a loss to a guy that is this disliked.

  6. The "No CR" group, including Gaetz, Bishop, Biggs, and Crane, should be praised for their efforts.

  7. We cannot fund Biden's 'achievements' if we want to ensure political success for Republicans.



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