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Trump: Biden Will Coddle 'Domestic Terrorists' - I Will Arrest Them

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump slammed violent radical left rioters as “domestic terrorists.”

Trump told a cheering North Carolina crowd at a campaign rally, “Biden’s plan is to appease the domestic terrorists. My plan is to arrest them."

Trump criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for ignoring the violence, looting, and arson carried out by Black Lives Matter supporters and Antifa this summer.

“Joe Biden and his party spent the entire summer cheering on the rioters rampaging through Democrat-led cities, falsely labeling them as peaceful protesters,” Trump said.

Trump said the leaders of Democrat-led cities are partly to blame due to their inaction and that liberal elites and the violent leftists were now allies.

“The globalists and the leftists make natural partners because they are united by their contempt for the American middle class,” Trump said. “That’s why powerful corporations and far-left politicians have both sided with radical demonstrators.”

Trump touted his police support.

“Do what you want: vote for the candidate backed by violent left-wing rioters if you have to or do what you want to vote for the candidate backed by the selfless heroes of law enforcement,” Trump said.

Trump also made fun of Biden for “talking a little bit tougher” about the rioters and protesters, noting that Biden would never use the phrase “law and order” during the campaign.

“He’ll never get to say that. Can’t say that, because then he’d lose the whole left,” Trump said. “And let me tell you, the left is running that party. You don’t want to be dealing with the left."

"These people are stone cold crazy,” Trump added.


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