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Trump-Kennedy is a "NO"


So, Steve Bannon and Charlie Kirk came up with this wild idea that maybe Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could team up on a unity ticket. While it sounds interesting, let's look at why this just isn't going to happen.

First off, it's tough to picture Trump being cool with sharing the limelight with a Kennedy. With the whole New York vs. New England rivalry and the big egos in both families, it's hard to see them getting along.

Also, some of Kennedy's ideas are way different from Trump's. Sure, a lot of people like what he has to say about vaccines and parental rights. But he's also made some pretty controversial statements. Like in a 2014 blog post, Kennedy said that corporations spreading climate change lies should get the "death penalty."

And when it comes to gun control, Kennedy slammed the NRA in a 2018 tweet after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, saying they were basically responsible for it. These kinds of views would be tough to explain and make work together.

On top of that, we've got to remember how Trump sees himself. He's convinced he won the election, so why would he change anything? In his mind, he doesn't need to reach out to different groups or do anything differently.

So, the chances of a Trump-Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unity ticket happening are pretty slim. With clashing egos, different opinions, and Trump's belief that he's already got a winning strategy, this theory is more like an entertaining daydream than a real possibility.



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