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Trump's 'Stunning' Iowa Caucus Win: He 'Swept With All Age Groups'

U.S. State Department

As predicted, Donald Trump absolutely dominated Monday's Iowa Caucus.

And according to Fox News, the former president did so with every age group.

This race was called quick and for good reason.

Mediate reported Monday night:

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum highlighted the strength of former President Donald Trump’s support in the Iowa caucus after the network called the race for him after only thirty minutes of caucusing on Monday night.... 'So based on the first results in our Fox News voter analysis, the Fox News decision desk can now project that former President Donald Trump will win the Iowa caucuses,' MacCallum announced.

Mediate continued with Fox News anchor Bret Baier noting:

'He will take the lion’s share of the state’s 40 delegates. This result really solidifies his place as the current frontrunner for the nomination. Uh, former Governor Haley and Governor DeSantis fighting for second....'
'You know, he the former president, over-performed in the rural parts of Iowa. But it has been overwhelming some of these numbers from these precincts that are already starting to come in, some of them. And we were just talking. It happens quickly. I mean, they do it on pieces of paper. They finish it, they hear everybody talk, and it’s done.'
'It’s stunning,' replied MacCallum, adding:
'Jesse [Watters], I was in touch with someone who’s at a Des Moines precinct, and she said, you know, they listen to the speeches from all of the representatives of the candidates, and then they voted, and it was over very quickly. Everything that we’re seeing is that the former president in Iowa tonight has really swept with all age groups, I mean, clearly strong with, um, you know, rural voters, voters who have lower levels of education, but strong all across the board.
Um, and it lines up with a lot of what we saw in the polling that we saw in the last few days, um, on issues like a strong leader, um, good on the economy. All of these things seem to be bearing fruit for him tonight in Iowa.'

While it's true Trump dominated most age groups, the only one in which that was not true was the youngest voters at 17-29.

As conservative defense attorney Marina Medvin pointed out on X:

Regardless, it was a great night for Donald Trump. It's officially his race to lose now.

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