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Trump to Rush: Left Calls Us 'Racist' When We Are Beating Them

On Friday, President Trump held a virtual radio rally with talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh in which he expressed his views about liberals always accusing conservatives of being "racist."

Responding to a question from a listener, Trump said, “When we are beating them they have nothing else to fall back on but the word racist.”

“It means that when you’re winning and you’re just knocking the hell out of them, they have nothing else to say, they call you a racist and this has been going on for decades,” the president added.

President Trump also said that most Americans could see through this cheap political tactic.

Trump said, “I don’t know that you’re going to stop it, but people are wise to it and people are rolling their eyes now. They’re rolling their eyes.”

The president called the left's use of the term “disgusting.”

Billed as the “largest virtual rally in radio history” by Team Trump, the president had the opportunity to speak directly to Rush’s massive audience for two hours.


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