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We have them on defense


The White House seems to be running scared as they attempt to change the language surrounding the debt ceiling. Press Secretary KJP recently stated that the only practical path to avoid default is for Congress to "suspend the debt limit without conditions." But notice the shift from "raise the debt ceiling" to "suspend the debt limit?" It's a clever trick, but we see through it.

If the House were to suspend the debt limit, the Left would not only get a raised debt limit but also force a vote on whether or not to UNsuspend it. In essence, there would never be another debt limit. The White House has realized that raising the debt ceiling is a political loser, especially with the current inflation, so they changed the language from "raise" to "suspend."

Kinda like "liberal" to "progressive."

But the House is on the right path. The bill they passed last week cuts unnecessary spending, including 70 billion of the 80 billion allocated for the IRS expansion last year. The White House's position is a losing one, and their switch in terminology is the ultimate tell.

Do Republicans have the will to stick this out? Yes, they do. Members of Congress will have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, but we'll get there and cut some of Biden's spending. The fact that the White House has abandoned "raise the debt ceiling" for "suspend the debt ceiling" suggests they're sitting on a losing position, poll-tested "suspend" as favorable, and are trying to force Congress not to vote on increasing the debt limit, but on having a debt limit at all. It's a clever trick, but it won't work. Stay tuned as we continue to fight for fiscal responsibility.



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