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Why conservatives have the moral high ground

In the latest episode of the ForAmerica Show with David Bozell, he reminds conservatives that they have the moral high ground in the culture war.

Recent events have only emphasized this:

  • Anthony Fauci admitting that the lockdowns "obviously" harmed children and the economy. Conservatives have been saying this throughout the pandemic!

  • The New York Times and CNN patting themselves on the back for admitting the validity of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which the New York Post and most right-leaning folks knew in October 2020 before the presidential election.

  • The Florida education bill that protects grade school children from learning about sex in the classroom, which has proceeded with widespread support despite pushback from Disney and the Left.

Often conservatives think they don't have the high ground. David reminds us we are wrong to believe this.

"Sometimes conservatives have a bit of an inferiority complex, because you’re surrounded on all sides from corporate media, to entertainment media, to academia, Hollywood press… you start to doubt yourself. You start to think, ‘Are my values the right values? Am I surrounded by liberals every time I turn around, on any device I use?'
Congratulations: You have the high ground. Any free-thinking, right-leaning, traditional values-believing person out there - you’re winning the debate."

David brings up the Florida bill in particular to conservative naysayers who don't believe you can advance conservatism through policy, “You can advance conservatism. You can advance good policy as it relates to these culture wars. Florida and DeSantis just did it, withstood an onslaught of attacks.”

Also analyzed are the recent comments by comedian actor Jim Carrey that he was "sickened" by celebrity Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars

Carrey said the incident showed “we’re not the cool club anymore.”

What did Carrey mean by that? David thinks it was a member of the Hollywood elite saying publicly acknowledging that they had now lost any moral high ground they might have once possessed.

“Hollywood thought it had the high ground on all these issues I just mentioned and a hell of a lot more," David said. "But over national politics, making fun of you, the ticket buyer for voting for Trump or believing in Trump or believing conservatism, your family values… holding that over you… "

"What Carrey is sort of illustrating is that Hollywood thinks it has this moral high ground over you, the ticket buyer, and not condemning one of their own smacking one of their own on national television - now they’ve lost it.”

“Now they’ve lost that high ground," David added. "Now their values are not more correct than yours."

All this and more in the latest thought-provoking episode of the ForAmerica Show.


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