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The Pro-Life Cause is Winning

'The Prolife Cause is Winning' Transcript:

David Bozell: Have you noticed recently this week that it's the Left that's only allowed to fight in a so-called culture war? I mean, the press has been all over the political Right for embarrassing Biden's Supreme Court nominee. I mean, you've all heard the clip of Marsha Blackburn embarrassing her because she can't answer the question about what is a woman. Josh Hawley bringing up her lite sentencing on the child pedophilia cases. But the press is all on top of the Right. It's like, wow, those are all irrelevant and those insignificant questions are a total waste of time.

But when the Left wants to get involved in a culture war, everybody just stands at attention and marvels at all of the fascinating activity, and the guts and the courage of let's say...the employees at Disney for forcing Disney to take a stand against the Florida bill that prevents the birds and the bees from being taught to kindergartners through third graders. The hypocrisy is never ending.

Anyway, David Bozell your conductor here at ForAmerica. I bring all that up just because there has been some VERY COOL developments in the pro-life space all in the span of a week. And so we've been, all of us, all of our attention has been, the press wants to keep our attention on Russia, on Ukraine, Biden's trip to Brussels, the Supreme Court hearings. And there's only 24 hours in a day, right? But this goes to the power and importance of having a conservative media apparatus, because there's some stories out there that the big time press barely is touching.

And while the Left wants to, I guess apparently, die on this hill of being able to teach kindergartners about the birds and the bees, some state legislatures are doing some very cool, positive things in the pro-life space. I only wish the pro-life movement was better about bragging about it, but first headline was out of Texas. Now, you know about the Texas abortion bill, pretty restrictive. It gets upheld in every court. Now, it's law.

Now, according to the National Review, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission recently released data showing that there was a 58% reduction in abortions in September and October of last year after the bill went into law. Now a lot of Left wingers, even The New York Times, came out with a bit last month that said that people from Texas went across state lines to go have an abortion. None of that data has been verified, whatsoever.

The only data is Texas Department of Health saying that there is a 58% reduction in abortions in Texas. I suppose if there's a 58% increase in surrounding states, maybe The New York Times would be proven correct. That's yet to be proven.

By the way, imagine waking up and working for The New York Times and your beat was to go track down the number of increased abortions and celebrating it! And basically dismissing. I mean, they had a conniption fit over the Texas law, a total conniption fit. And now fast forward to after the data's released and it's actually having a positive effect on life. Now, they're just trying to dismiss it as being, oh, it just doesn't work because look, people are going to other states, but imagine having that job. Waking up, talk about a not fulfilling line of work, trying to track down and be excited about tracking down increased abortions in states that surround the state of Texas. Crazy, but it's the kind of thing that you just never hear in the press, that Texas has reported a 58% reduction in the first two months of this law being enacted.

Now, other states, Oklahoma, their House has cleared a ban on basically all abortions, pretty hardcore and good on them. Texas's abortion ban is six weeks. This basically is a near total ban in Oklahoma. So, that's passed in the House. Good on them. That's got to go to the Oklahoma Senate and then go to the governor.

And this week moving up north, Idaho. So, we got Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma. Idaho, the governor, Brad Little, signed a Texas-style abortion bill. It only allows a family member, a direct family member. They have the legal right to sue anyone suspected of aiding an abortion, but that's also at the six-week mark. That's been signed, signed, sealed, and delivered in Idaho.

Unless you think that this is all just super ruby, red states, Arizona, of all places, the much maligned Arizona Legislature. I mean, Trump is still sending out press releases against those guys. But you got to give credit where credit is due, Arizona. This is from the Washington Examiner, "The Arizona Legislature passes abortion ban similar to the one being considered by the Supreme Court." Now their bill was patterned after the Mississippi bill and Florida actually patented theirs after Mississippi. This is a 15-week ban with a couple of exceptions on abortion. It's going to head to Republican Governor Doug Ducey's desk, who is expected to sign it into law. It's got exceptions for medical emergencies in which the mother's life is in danger, but not for cases of rape or incest. It's a little bit of an eyebrow raiser. The 15-week Arizona ban passed the Arizona House on Thursday, last night, on a party-line vote about a month after it was passed out of the Senate. So, this is basically similar to the Mississippi bill that's in front of the Supreme Court, which the hot rumor is that they're going to rule on that at the end of this term, which is at the end of this month, in March.

Whether or not a state can decide to ban abortions after a certain period of time, and this is at 15 weeks, Florida passed its own version of this. And now this week, Arizona has passed its version of this. So, folks, federalism is alive and well. The 50-state experiment - Texas , Mississippi, Idaho, Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona passing very strong pro-life legislation.

And immediately Texas is showing that these bills are saving lives, saving babies. A 58% reduction in two months in abortions in that state. 2,251 abortions performed in the state in October of 2021. So what's 58% more? 1,305 souls saved, if you just extrapolate 58% to that particular month, which that math is a little off, but you get the picture. Over 1,000 souls saved in the state of Texas. That is awesome! That is awesome! That is a Christmas present in March.

That's what America is all about! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. LIFE, emphasis on the word LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That's what this country is all about and good on these legislatures. Particularly, Arizona, who's not everyone's favorite, particularly as it relates to the elections. But good on them for passing this 15-week ban. We're one of only seven countries, I think, that have abortions legal over 20 weeks. It's ridiculous, it's absolutely ridiculous.

And this is the kind of thing politically, let's just speak politically for a second, abortion is the Left's holy grail. And by extension, these other social issues are becoming their holy grail - gender, trans this, that, and the other, all the alphabet soups, L-G-B-T, what have you. Politically, it is their holy grail. Those are hills they want to die on. And you've got about a half a dozen states now that have moved aggressively. Have gone on offense. Stuck up for whom their representing. The citizenry of these states are saying, "Hey, listen, we don't want to be known as the abortion capital of the region here. Let's reduce the number of abortions in our state. Let's reduce the taxpayer burden on paying for these things. Let's get taxpayers out of the business of abortion."

This is AWESOME! This is awesome, awesome, awesome stuff! So, if pro-life is your issue, if abortion is your issue, I hope you appreciate what's gone down this week. If abortion is a secondary issue or third issue, third priority for you, understand that there's progress being made and people are going on offense. And it's just awesome, awesome to see!

I only wish that the Republicans in Washington would figure this out and get this kind of aggressive. I know the Senate will never. Well, under this leadership, they'll never, but maybe after the 2022 midterms. The House will lead the way, we can hope.

But in the meantime, congratulations to these legislatures! Congratulations to the citizens of those states that have made their voices heard! Congratulations to the pro-life movement that's worked so hard for these things! Congratulations for the activists that have made reversing abortion policy in this country, a major facet of their lives. You're seeing the fruits of your labor, and there are souls out there that have their lives to be thankful for. And it's because of you guys.

Alright, have a good weekend everybody. Over and out.


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