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Why would Facebook ban a children's book about Ronald Reagan?

Facebook recently penalized a children's book company that published books on former President Ronald Reagan, conservative author Thomas Sowell and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Why? Who knows.

Fox Business reports, “Meta, the company that owns Facebook, has reinstated the ads account of the conservative children's book publisher, Heroes of Liberty, after it previously told the publisher that its account had been ‘permanently disabled."

"Facebook originally said that Heroes of Liberty – which has published books about Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, former President Ronald Reagan and author Thomas Sowell – violated the company's rules against ‘Low Quality or Disruptive Content" Fox Business noted. "Facebook originally locked the ads account on Dec. 23, and after Heroes of Liberty appealed the ruling, the company permanently disabled the account."

"I wanted to let you know that the ads account was disabled in error and has been restored,' Drew Pusateri, a spokesperson for Meta, told FOX Business on Monday."

The report noted, "Mandel suggested that Facebook caved to a vocal minority of users who claimed that Heroes of Liberty was disruptive."

"There was a small but noisy group of responders to our ads who didn't like the fact we published books about Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell and Amy Coney Barret; people we called Heroes of Liberty," Mandel told FOX Business. "They made nasty comments, especially about Reagan, and about us for publishing these books and even shared their desire to burn them."

If children's books on Reagan, Sowell and Barrett are under fire by Big Tech and the left mob, what else will conservatives have to endure on these major social media platforms?

We will unfortunately find out.


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