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#27: Larry Hogan Needs a Reading Rainbow Lesson

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

'#41: Larry Hogan Needs a Reading Rainbow Lesson' Transcript:

David Bozell: Alright, welcome everybody, David Bozell, your conductor here from ForAmerica. I wanted to play two clips that are the most illustrative two clips that I could find for you that show the fight really between the conservative Right and Republicans. If you saw on social over the weekend, there was a clip from North Carolina's Lieutenant Governor Robinson from the pulpit that went viral, I guess again, over the weekend.

This is from 2021, now I hadn't seen it before, but a fellow re-upped it. And it has 1.8 million views in just the last couple of days. And Robinson's an eloquent speaker. I think he is a pastor in his private life, or he should be anyway, and he hits the nail on the head talking these transgender issues.

And then we're going to play you a clip from Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, who is one of the guys on the shortlist for the Republican establishment in terms of running for the Senate and also running for the presidency against Trump or whomever wants to run in 2024.

We can play these two clips back to back. First, we'll go with Robinson and then Hogan, and you can immediately tell the difference in terms of the passion. Who is right about the issue and how you speak to voters, those that you need. One is talking to a black church, the other one is talking to Dana Bash at CNN. Here we go with Robinson...

Two plus two does not equal transgender. We should put that on a t-shirt. So there's a man that has instincts, right? He's a politician. Lieutenant governor of a swing state, a purple state in North Carolina. Unapologetic about truth. And he gets a standing ovation, arousing standing ovation for a full two minutes. It's quality instincts.

Now, you've got Larry Hogan. So-called Republican, so-called conservative. I don't buy that. Has left no legacy in the state of Maryland in any way, shape, or form. It'll go back blue as soon as he walks out of there in a couple of months, I think. I think at the end of this year is his term. All due respect for fighting, through, I think he had leukemia, I think. Fought through it during his tenure, all due respect, but just to go to show you where his instincts are and the establishment's instincts.

He goes on Dana Bash, CNN talking about DeSantis. He's talking about the parents' rights education bill, which is a whopping... You hear that? That is a whopping seven pages long. Seven, that's it. The spending bill that was just passed in Congress a couple weeks ago, that was, what, 2,700 pages? And that didn't get nearly the kind of attention that this little seven-page bill got. But here's Larry Hogan. Now, listen to the front end, what he admits here at the front end...

He admits he didn't even read it. And he calls it absurd and he calls it a crazy fight. Sticking up for parents is not a crazy fight. I don't even know why I feel the need to even have to say that. It's the fight to have. Robinson in North Carolina, that needs to be the Republicans' push going into the midterms and beyond.

Why is it that Republicans cannot fight a culture war, but Democrats can. Democrats fight the culture war every day, but apparently Larry Hogan says it's a crazy fight to have. It's crazy that Republicans would even try. But let's do Larry Hogan a favor since he's never read the bill, doesn't know the specifics.

We've got an exclusive. ForAmerica is going to read the bill. Saddle up, Larry Hogan. It's time for Reading Rainbow. Actually, the first two and a half pages are just a summary. The bill itself is only four pages long. Alright, here we go...

This sounds pretty good so far, right? Not too bad, right? Pretty benign. All it's saying is you got to tell parents about if there's any change in your student's wellbeing. You hate to have to reiterate this in law, but Florida felt like they had to.

This subparagraph does not prohibit a school district from adopting procedures that permit school personnel to withhold such information from a parent if a reasonably prudent person would believe that disclosure would result in abuse, abandonment, or neglect, as those terms are defined in Senate 39.01.

In other words, if the educator thought that this the kid would face physical harm by telling the parent, then the school district does not have to do that. Reasonably prudent person would believe. Okay...

David Bozell: And that is it! Larry Hogan, if you just read the bill, you can learn so much. What have we learned today? Doesn't say gay at all. Number two, it forbids a teacher from talking about those sensitive topics for kindergartners through third grade. Number three, it provides a tight timeline, seven to 30 days from which disputes and hearings and judgments ought to be conducted by the Department of Education in Florida. Read the bill, Larry....

It doesn't say don't say gay. If that is the fight that we should be having, whether you think you should be having or not, it's the fight that's at your doorstep. And those of you who live in Maryland who are center right, right wing, have any concern about how your taxpayer dollars are being used, just to understand that this so-called Republican thinks that it's absurd to prevent those in the education business from stopping them from talking about sex and gender with your kid.

In other words, the Republican governor of Maryland is quite comfortable with educators... We say so-called educators. I'm not sure what they're doing, talking about sex and gender with your kindergartner through third grader, because the opposite of that is absurd according to Larry Hogan. I'm all in on Robinson's point of view.

That's the message I want to walk around and carry and persuade with and understand he's doing that at a black church and getting a rousing standing ovation for it. And Republicans need to understand that going through Dana Bash is not the way you are going to convert more black voters. Going the way of pastor and Lieutenant Governor Robinson into the churches, that's the path. But Larry, come on, just one more time. Just read, it takes seven pages. That's it.

Take it easy out there, everybody.


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