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Some Fun at Disney's Expense

'Some Fun at Disney's Expense' Transcript:

David Bozell: Alright, well before we get to our April Fools' jokes, ForAmerica had some fun with Disney yesterday.

Breaking tweet from Bill Melugin over at FOX, who's done the best reporting about the border for the better part of the last 12 months. I mean, what else can you call it other than an invasion? But he said, "a couple," this is at 12:30 today, "three high-level customs border patrol sources tell me," Bill Melugin, "there have been over 300,000 recorded got-aways since October 1st, including more than 62,000 just in the month of March." There was 300,000 border crossers that quote "got away," including 62,000 just in the month of March 2022. "That's 2,000 per day," Bill continued. Then Bill continued again, "I'm told the true number is even higher. These are only known asterisks, the known got-aways."

I mention that because when we were down at the border a few months ago, I asked a former customs border patrol, it may have been Mark Morgan, but somebody, the highest of the high on the food chain. He worked under Trump. And I asked him, I said when we were getting the tour and we had a little break in the action, I said, how do you, yeah, I know they know the number of people that have come across, but I keep hearing about this got-away number - how do you know what the number is? I mean, is there a real-time ticker where people or officials will insert the number? And he said, yeah, there actually is.

There's almost like a debt clock that everyone's familiar with. That's in Washington, DC at the customs and border patrol offices up there. And it just goes, it refreshes itself every couple of minutes. And I said, well how do you count them? And it's the dumbest, the most primitive thing. And we mentioned this a few shows ago, but it's worth repeating given Bill's report today of 300,000 since October.

The way they count it is so bloody primitive. They take, so most of the Rio Grande sector and the Texas border is dirt road. You have the river and then you don't have a whole ton of wall down there because of the river and because of Texas land disputes among other reasons. But there's a dirt road that goes across much of the bottom of Texas.

And he explained to me that customs and border patrol trucks will take a chain rake out the back of a truck, much like you would see like a grounds crew clean the infield of a baseball diamond, they take a chain rake and they just clean the dirt road. So it looks all nice and pretty. And then they go back. This is the way it was explained to me, they go back every 10 minutes or so from when they just cleaned the road up, and they'll count footprints. Believe it or not.

Beacon Athletics

They'll count footprints in the sand. And that's how they determine. And it's about, 10 feet wide. So, it's like a single lane road. So, it's not like you can leap it. And so they'll just count the number of footprints. Two footprints equals one person, one person gets inserted into the system as a got-away. At nighttime it's actually, believe it or not, it's a little easier because they have infrared, nighttime goggles, and that kind of thing.

But if they're too far away, or better yet, really the better example was if you see a small group of two to four to six, chances are that's just a distraction for a group of 10 to 20 to 40 to God knows how many in another direction a mile up the road. So, they'll let the two to four to six go and go swoop around to go find the bigger group.

I just thought that, my chin sunk to my chest when I was told that that's how we count got-aways is counting footprints in the sand. I mean, we're supposed to be this massive world superpower. And that seems to be the only way we can do it! So that's frustrating!

But anyway, who had a worse week? Dave Bozell here, ForAmerica, your conductor. Who had a worse week for their brand Will Smith or Disney? I don't know. That would be a tough, tough call.

I'm going to say Disney because more people interact with Disney, the brand, than they do with Will Smith in his entertainment, in his movies, and shows, and certainly, the Oscars.

So, we had some fun at Disney's expense. And the reason why fact-checkers suck and why these social media companies have sort of just leaned on them to do their dirty work, you can't do an April Fools' joke and say April Fools at the end, because you'll never know if the fact-checker actually gets to it at the end.

So, I guess I feel obligated. I feel dirty, though, because I'm kind of playing their game. But I feel obligated to let all the fact-checkers know for those of you that are listening to the ForAmerica channels, and we know you do, because you are honest all the time with stupidity. We had some fun at Disney's expense. Don Jr. helped us out tremendously. We did, what do we do? Five movie posters, remade classics from Disney.

You may have seen it on a variety of Jr.'s feeds and our feeds. I mean, the audience just ate it up, but looking at Jr.'s account and combining it with our account, you're looking at about 300,000 people that have engaged with these memes that we did.

We turned Little Mermaid into Little Merma'am. Big hulky dude in the Ariel red hair. Coming soon to a theater near you, not, April Fools. Okay Disney, chill out.

Okay. My favorite one, Cinderfella, not Cinderella. Cinderfella, handsome young man in the Cinderella dress.

I saw Estee Lauder, the makeup company. They had a cover girl who's a shim. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to call it, call her, call him. I don't know. But that's Estee Lauder today announcing their makeup cover girl is a transgender. So, for all you ladies in the audience that have Estee Lauder as your go-to makeup product, there you go.

Continuing with Disney, it's not Pocahontas anymore. It's Brocahontas. Nice, handsome young man fighting the pilgrims. That was what Pocahontas was about right? Fighting the pilgrims? Making friends. Okay good call. Yeah. Not fighting, making friends. See that's Disney. Well, now it's Brocahontas. I wonder what Mel Gibson would say. Mel Gibson was the male voice of that one.

Snow White Privilege. How dare she? How dare she be white? Ms. White. Not Snow White, Snow White Privilege, coming to a theater near you.

And Aladdinx, of course. Because we cannot forget our Latinx brothers and sisters. So, we had a lot of fun. I mean the audience was eating it up, but also quite ticked off. Jerry wrote in,

"I wouldn't put it past Disney to do that. They've gone so far woke, it's ridiculous. I wouldn't take a child to their amusement parks or to the movies. Go woke, go broke."

That's true. I think Disney's got a big problem on their hands.

"If Walt Disney was really frozen upon his death, he now wants the heat lamps turned on."

Very good, Clay.

By the way, today the White House, Biden's White House, announced it was celebrating, commemorating, I guess, celebrating, commemorating. I'm not sure which one, both I guess. The International Day of the Girl, which is ironic. Well, first off, I don't know why we're commemorating international things. That seems a little odd given that so many countries don't even recognize any rights of women. But also given how Biden's Supreme Court nominee couldn't even define what a woman is.

We're commemorating the International Day of the Girl. Which is a little creepy, I think. I mean, women okay. But I mean the girl? That seems a little, especially since they're just militantly pro-abortion over there. And then what about all the other letters too? International Day of the Pansexual? International Day of the Cisgender?

It could be every other day. That's right. Every day for every, we're going to have international celebration for every letter, for every single day. That would be a feat. I would give this the gay lobby mad props if they could figure out a way for their administration to commemorate internationally and do international days of commemoration every single day of a month that corresponds to a different letter in the alphabet soup of LGBTQ+.

There's something called two spirits. I'm not really sure what that's supposed to be. Yeah, but come on guys. You guys are sleeping on the job. If you're not pushing for an international day of commemoration for every letter in your alphabet soups of gender and sexual preferences, you disappoint me that you're not fighting hard enough for these causes, LGBTQers.

Let's see.

"Disney has ended the era of little girls and being a princess. Now, Disney is the era of the it."

That's true. That is true, so I appreciate, we're trying to bring a little levity to this situation. Cinderfella, Brocahontas, Aladdinx, but you can see Disney throwing them into their repertoire. Can't you? I mean, it's just a matter of time before they reissue all these things and turn these famous characters into agenda-driven pursuits where you just lose total control of the story and you lose the total point of the story.

But look, you've got movement a foot. I mean, credit to Daily Wire, they're launching a hundred million dollar initiative called Daily Wire Kids. I don't know. I don't know if that's going to be a theme park, seems like it's going to be a content thing, a digital content play. But those are the types of things that our side needs to be pumped into the competition pipeline. But at the end of the day, Disney doesn't sense that this is hurting their bottom line. It'll just keep going.

See the NFL, this is where the NFL is like the master marketers that they are, they kind of, they were dealing with Kaepernick stuff and the kneeling of the flag and they adopted it and they pushed it. We played the football is lesbian, gay, trans ad the other day, but haven't you noticed that they've just totally just gotten away from all that stuff? Because they knew it was hurting their bottom line. And so they really just don't talk about it and make an issue out of it. They try to make it about the football. But I know some of you out there will never go back, and good for you. I lost my Washington Redskins, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get back there, so even if, as much as I love the sport, but that's a whole other side topic.

But anyway, Disney getting smoked out there for its employees, the inmates running the asylum over there, trying to inject this homosexual agenda and they readily admit that that's what they're trying to do.

We had another one yelling, the "ok boomer" tagline. Ok boomer. We did an ok groomer for Disney, because that's essentially what they were advocating for when they wanted to get rid of DeSantis in the Florida Legislature bill. And it's mind-boggling to watch a company that professes to be about children getting so deeply engaged on a bill that is trying to prevent rogue teachers from teaching about sexuality to kids. It's just, it's sick when it comes down to it.

But Disney's going to go after it, and it's up to us to give them the Heisman and stiff arm them. And make them get back to their roots. Alright, take it easy!


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