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A Record-Breaking Number of Chinese Illegal Immigrants are Entering the US

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Illegal immigration is obviously a top problem for the United States.

Particularly when it comes to China.

Since 2021 - just 3 years ago - Chinese illegal immigrants have increased 8,000 percent.

You read that right. 8,000 percent.

Fox News reports, "A record-breaking number of Chinese nationals have illegally crossed the border nationwide so far this fiscal year, figures released this week show, an increase of nearly 8,000% since FY 2021. Customs and Border Protection updated its encounter numbers for April, showing that now there have been 27,583 encounters of Chinese nationals by Border Patrol this fiscal year, which began in October. That is compared to 24,125 in all of FY 2023, 1,987 in FY 2022 and just 342 in FY 2021."

"This means there has been a 7,965% increase from FY 2021 in numbers of Chinese crossing illegally. Of the 27,583 so far this FY 2024, 23,622, or 85%, were single adults," the report noted.

"More than 90% of the crossings this FY 2024 have been in the San Diego sector," Fox News reported. "There have also been more than 1,200 encounters in the first eight days of May, an average of more than 150 a day. Republicans and some border officials have raised concerns about the potential for espionage, as well as the smuggling of drugs like fentanyl. Republicans on a House Homeland Security subcommittee are holding a hearing Thursday on the matter, called, 'Security Risk:' The unprecedented surge in Chinese illegal immigration."

The Democrats answer to this crisis? They are dismissing the hearing.

No big deal. Broken borders. A gigantic influx of illegal Chinese immigrants.

Democrats are saying, basically, by their lack of action and concern, "keep'em coming!"

What the hell?!?

Republican Congressman Dan Bishop said, "It’s sad that House Democrats’ response to this hearing sounds more like Chinese state media than anything else."

"This fiscal year, apprehensions of Chinese nationals by Border Patrol agents at our Southwest border already exceed those from fiscal years 2007 - 2020 combined," Bishop said. "It should be extremely alarming to everyone, regardless of party, when record numbers of individuals from an adversarial nation flood into our country without vetting or oversight. House Democrats are clearly uninterested in combating this national security threat, which is disappointing — but not surprising."

Such a massive surge in illegal immigrants - from China in particular - should be a primary issue for all of Congress and the president to address.

But it's not. The Democrats simply don't care.

It's a cliche - but still true - to say that a nation without borders isn't a nation. This rings true in any context.

But if illegal immigration from a particular country, especially an adversarial one like China, goes up 8,000 percent in three years...

Shouldn't that be at the top of every politician's list?

And if not, why?


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