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Absolutely Make an Exit Plan

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: It's a sad state of affairs, but one of the things that I do when I go to Mass is I map out an exit plan, in case somebody were to barge in there and start popping off. So, wherever I'm sitting in the pew, left side, right side, center, end of the aisle, center of the aisle, front of the church, back of the church, I spend a few moments just trying to plan out and plot out what I would do if I had to grab my family and bust out of there. Or try to save whatever I could in the process. I did the same thing this weekend because I had heard about all these protests going on in different churches.

By the way, I coached a soccer game in like a two-hour rainstorm on Saturday, so I'm just totally like raw. If I sound ridiculous... I feel like I sound ridiculous. Sounds to me like I sound ridiculous. But okay. So we'll just push forward, though.

So, I did the same thing. I'm in Mass and I'm mapping out, what do I do? Which kid would I save? Which kid would I want to save me? I'm just kidding.

And so you have these protests, and a lot of Masses across the country were interrupted by a bunch of cackling Karens. Then of course you had protests in front of Judge Kavanaugh's house, Justice Roberts' house. You've had a report today that Justice Alito and his entire family were taken to some undisclosed, safe location.

So, this is dangerous times for those guys and I think it's going to get worse. Now, it's a little quiet today across the country. The Left's activist temperature was just firing at 100 degrees over the weekend, because it was the first weekend that they could bellyache and scream and moan about the potential Roe decision.

But as this gets closer, and more than likely the court will release the decision in the June term. As we get closer and closer to June, the temperature is just going to get hotter and hotter and hotter. And so number one, I would definitely advise, if you're going into church or any spot where the Left wing has promised to make a bunch of noise and scream and moan, absolutely make an exit plan. But just understand that this is just going to get more and more intense. Because they just can't help themselves, right?

And they're just going to get pushed and pushed by some of the most... Their outrageous leaders of their Left wing base, the AOCs, the Bernie Sanders, the Elizabeth Warrens. These folks have the biggest microphones in the party, and of course Biden is just going to hit the snooze button every single day.

So, he's not going to be asked to take the temperature down because he couldn't, right? He has no pull. He has no sway. He has no sway over the radical Left. None. He couldn't calm them down, even if he wanted to. I think on some level he realizes that. That's why his position just keeps on changing over... More and more and more Left wing to their side. I think... And in some ways, he understands politically that the extreme on his party is where the action is, and so go to where the action is and you'll be coddled and cajoled by them. And if you're accepted by them, then eventually the middle will accept you.

And I think that's the way he plays this stuff. He just does not want to get on the radical Left's bad side. So, he'll just let them go, right? He'll just let them protest in front of judges and justices' homes. He'll just let them... I mean, mind you, he's Catholic, right? So, I'd like to see... One of the bulletins that a lot of these churches have put out have said, just stand at prayerful attention. Don't do anything. Don't engage. Just let these cackling Karens come down the aisle, do their worst and walk out, assuming they walk out.


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