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AOC Says Trump Rally in Bronx is Due to Him Having 'Legal Version of an Ankle Bracelet'


Donald Trump has a rally in the Bronx on Thursday.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez mocked the former president for it, making light of his New York City trial by saying the location of his rally was due to him having a “legal version of an ankle bracelet.”

The Bronx is where AOC was born and part of the district she represents as a far-left Democratic congresswoman.

Trump has had to stay put in New York for over a month for his hush money trial.

Ocasio-Cortez laid into Trump, telling Fox News, “Donald Trump is broke. He needs money. He’s hosting a rally to try to con people and try to fleece them out of every dollar that they have to fund his own legal fees."

“And by the way, he’s doing it in the South Bronx, not to make a point, but because he’s got court and the man practically has the legal version of an ankle bracelet around him, and he can’t leave the five boroughs because he always has to be in court," she added. "And so it is truly an embarrassment to him.”

An embarrassment?

Actually a number of Bronx residents seem excited about Trump's visit.

And they were vocal about it.

The Bronx might be AOC's home, but New York City is Trump's home too.

It's where he built his business and made his name.

In this election, Trump was polled exceptionally well for a Republican with Hispanic and black voters. The Bronx is majority Latino followed by the black community.

Biden is doing poorer with racial minorities than is usually expected of a Democratic candidate.

So if Donald Trump is stuck in NYC for legal reasons, why not have a rally in the city that raised him? He just drew a record crowd in New Jersey.

We shall see just how "embarrassing" it will be by how many people show up in the Bronx and the kind of reception he gets.

On AOC's own turf.


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