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Are the FCC and George Soros Trying to Silence Mark Levin and Conservatives Before the Election?

World Economic Forum Flickr/Creative Commons

Apparently left-wing billionaire activist George Soros is trying to get the Democrat-majority ruled Federal Communications Commission to expedite his takeover of the second largest radio network in America.

It's almost as if Democrats don't mind bending the rules to punish their political enemies.

According to the New York Post, "Soros, 93, pumped $400 million into Audacy in February, a network which reaches 165 million monthly listeners and includes a handful of conservative shows from hosts including Sean Hannity, Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson."

"But their influence is likely to be muted if the billionaire takes over and imposes his agenda, as has happened with other media acquisitions," the report noted. "A source with knowledge of the deal told The Post: 'The idea that George Soros is buying hundreds of local radio stations right before a national election and will keep broadcasting Sean Hannity and other conservative talk radio hosts on Audacy is not credible.”

So in other words, Soros might try to silence some of the biggest conservative voices in a presidential election year.

So much for democratic norms and standards.

According to FCC rules, US radio stations cannot by owned by foreign companies more than 25 percent.

But The Post found Soros wanting special permission from the FCC to do just that.

After Republican Congressman Chip Roy raised hell about this in April, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said, “The FCC should not create a special Soros shortcut."

“When it comes to a broadcast station acquisition of this size and magnitude – hundreds of radio stations across more than 45 markets – the FCC needs to run its full and normal review process. 

“The FCC should not be skipping steps or waiving required agency processes," Carr insisted.

It's not exactly shocking that Soros and his allies would be making moves to silence important conservative voices like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch and Erick Erickson.

Democrats don't want a variety of opinions in public discussions and debate. They only want their own.

"Audacy is the nation’s second-biggest radio network after the iHeart network with 220 stations including New York’s WFAN and 1010 WINS, as well as Los Angeles-based KROQ, according to bankruptcy filings," reported The Post. "Sources told The Post Soros’s stake is equal to about 40% of the company’s senior debt — a massive chunk which, although not a majority, could yield effective control of the media giant when it emerges from bankruptcy."

“This is scary,” said one source when this Soros news first broke.

Yes it is, and the same leftists who warn that Donald Trump with be an authoritarian tyrant if he wins a second term see no problem with left authoritarianism.

George Soros' latest effort is but another example.


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