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At a NBA Game, Teen Girl Taken and Sex Trafficked


David Bozell: Alright, I don't normally talk about these types of stories. It's just not... I don't have the DNA for it. I don't have the stomach for it. I don't really like using my feed or the ForAmerica feed to talk about murder and egregious violence.

One of my big criticisms of social media is that you can watch a murder there every day if you wanted to, if you wanted to go find it. Somebody is always posting a clip of somebody getting gunned down, run over. There's not enough safeguards to that type of content. A lot of guys do it for the clicks. Sometimes you got to show people what they don't want to see to make the point, to drive the point home. I get that, but as a kind of a news junkie, it's just not something that I like consuming. I'll put it to you that way.

But this one, as a dad, I thought, this needs wider distribution and it was a story out of PJ Media, and I haven't seen it talked about in any other place. So, and I don't know why, maybe that's just me, because like I said, maybe I try to tune these things out.

But it was about a 15-year-old girl who was at a Dallas Mavericks game in early April, basketball game. She gets up to use the restroom, 15. You think like, okay, sure. I mean, who wouldn't let their 15-year-old daughter go to the bathroom on her own. She goes to the bathroom on her own and never comes back. The dad reports her missing. Dallas Maverick security finds tape basically of her leaving the arena with a guy in his forties.

The father called the Dallas Police Department and was told to call the cops in his hometown of North Richland Hills, thinking the girl was a runaway. The North Richland Hills Police, in turn, told him to call the Dallas Police, because that is where she disappeared. So, this poor guy is just getting the runaround from different police departments. All he's trying to do is find his kid.

The American Airlines Center claims the man, who was seen leaving with the girl, got in with a counterfeit ticket. Eleven days later, her parents were sent a nude picture of their daughter from a sex trafficking website. I guess, if it wasn't for that tip, if you actually, if you want to call it, I guess, I don't think it was... Maybe they were bragging. So, they knew they were being hunted. They knew who she was.

I guess they found, I guess the perps found the parents or somebody tipped them off. I don't, it doesn't really explain how that particular aspect of the story happened.

Using facial recognition technology, the Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative was able to locate the girl in less than a day. She was being sex trafficked almost 200 miles away in Oklahoma City.

Poor thing has been raped numerous times. Eight people were arrested and charged with human trafficking, rape, and distribution of child pornography. So, I guess it wasn't a tip after all. They were trying to brag about it, because they were charged with distribution of child pornography. Obviously, the family is frustrated beyond belief, having gotten the early runaround from various police departments.

I only mentioned this story, because well, it hits home. Anybody who is a father of daughters, that would hit home.

No place is safe. You think a basketball arena, like April 8th, they, either they were wrapping up the regular season or maybe having just started the playoffs. Either way, there's cameras everywhere. You think, who would try to do something to a girl in that kind of a public environment?

There's some sickos, just like this Buffalo guy is a sicko. Just like the guy in Waukesha, in Wisconsin, sicko. There's sickos everywhere. Not really. That's kind of a simple explanation. There's no real political agenda behind it all. Just some sick people.

So, this stuff is going on. Make sure that if you're taking your kids out to even a public event, especially girls. Dads, I don't have to tell dads this, but, and I'm sure this guy feels terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible - but it's just, it's a reminder we've got to be mindful. And it's probably worth escorting your daughter to the bathroom, because there's some nasty people out there.

But let's have faith that she can, she won't let this event define her. And I pray to God that she comes through, and can have some semblance of a normal life. So, if you have a quiet moment, if you've got your rosary handy or whatever your faith may be, say a little prayer for that girl, and for her father, and for her parents. They're going to need it.


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