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The Pro-Abortion New York

Updated: May 16, 2022

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Now, are you a Fortune 500 company looking to provide your employees with the best, most up-to-date, safest abortion related services that money can buy? Of course you are, because that's what e-v-e-r-y company wakes up and wants to do with their time. They just want to be able to provide abortions and abortifacients to their employees. And if you are one of those companies, have I got to deal for you in New York.

Governor, Miss Hochul, she's the governor of New York. She took over for Cuomo. I wonder what Como would do. He would probably go in this direction. She has, Hochul has, penned an open letter to corporate America in The Wall Street Journal today, telling any and all companies out there:

If you want to provide abortions to your employees, well, by all means relocate to New York and we will pay for them. As New York's first female governor, I will not let us go backwards. My team and I are working to ensure access to quality, affordable, healthcare, including abortion services. In the face of this assault on abortion access, we are playing offense. On Tuesday, we announced that we are providing $35 million in urgently needed funding to abortion providers to expand capacity and improve the security of their patients and staff.

Congratulations, New York taxpayers! Yeah, things must be going great for you. You must not have any of these problems that we're discussing across the country. Inflation, borders being overrun. Your healthcare must be in tip-top shape. You must not have any concerns about healthcare at all, because apparently your governor doesn't think so. She's taking $35 million of your money and giving it to abortion providers, her words.

Just so you doubt me, I'll just repeat it, "On Tuesday, we announced that we are providing $35 million in urgent, urgently, needed funding to abortion providers to expand capacity and improve security..." Did you know that the funding for abortion providers was urgent? As a New York taxpayer, would you rank the needs of an abortion provider? Would you place that as an urgent need, as a top priority? I would venture to guess no.

She goes on to say:

We need everyone who supports reproductive rights to push back against these efforts. And the cause needs allies in the private sector. There's a better way for those CEOs to protect their employees essential rights. Don't keep operations in the state imposing barbaric restrictions. Move to New York.

That's what she says.

Under my watch we will always offer safe harbor to those seeking access to abortion and ensure equal protection of all of our people.

And then she says:

The Statue of Liberty has long stood in our harbor, welcoming immigrants and refugees alike.

So, corporate America, if you are feeling like you are want to apply for refugee status and you want to move your company, seek asylum in New York to provide abortions, well, there you go. There's your open invitation.

And New York taxpayers, I hope you're ready. I mean, maybe you'll get somebody to jump. I doubt it. But you're going to pay and she's already announced. If we know anything about liberals and the way they want to spend, I shouldn't even say liberals, it's also Republicans too. Given the opportunity, they will spend your money.

So, there's the New York governor for you folks. And look, I applaud the federalism aspect to this. This is really what the Roe decision will be about. It's going to really crystallize who's red, who's blue. And it'll be largely determinate on what kind of pro-life policy you have and what kind of a pro-abortion policies that you have.


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