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Biden Is the Least Popular President in 70 Years, Even Worse Than Carter

LBJ Library/Public Domain

Joe Biden is the least popular president at this point of his presidency going back seven decades.

Even lower than Jimmy Carter. Even lower than Richard Nixon. Two presidents who ended up being very unpopular.

Joe is worse off than even them.

This is all according to a new Gallup poll released on Friday.

Gallup reported, "President Joe Biden averaged 38.7% job approval during his recently completed 13th quarter in office, which began on Jan. 20 and ended April 19. None of the other nine presidents elected to their first term since Dwight Eisenhower had a lower 13th-quarter average than Biden."

They had to go all the way back to before Ike - who was the most popular at this part of his presidency - to find a score as bad.

Here's a good visual breakdown:

Gallup also reported that their data showed no signs on the horizon that Biden's popularity could increase to the degree that it helps his re-election prospects.

The polling outlet concluded, "In this election year, when Biden is hoping U.S. voters reward him with a second term, he is needing some positive momentum to put him in a stronger position to be reelected. However, that didn’t occur during the past three months, with Americans no more positive about how Biden is doing his job than they were in his prior quarter, or for most of the past three years. This is the case even after Biden delivered his election-year State of the Union speech in March, a chance for him to sell his accomplishments directly to the American people."

"With about six months remaining before Election Day, Biden stands in a weaker position than any prior incumbent, and thus faces a taller task than they did in getting reelected," Gallup finished.

Never say never in politics. But things are not looking good for Joe Biden in this moment.


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