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Biden: Trump Supporters ‘An Armed Militia'

2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Monday that supporters of President Donald Trump were an “an armed militia in this country”

Biden said during his speech on violence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, "This president, long ago, forfeited any moral leadership in this country. He can’t stop the violence because for years he’s fomented it."

"You know, he may believe mouthing the words 'law and order' makes him strong," Biden said. "But his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is."

"Does anyone believe there’ll be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?" Biden asked.

Biden did not say he was just talking about a small group of Trump supporters, and appeared to be criticizing Trump supporters at large.

The former vice president's comments come after a weekend in which a Trump supporter was shot to death in Portland, Oregon.

Biden might have been citing unproven accusations that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot three and killed two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week, was a member of a militia.

Joe Biden also being not exactly clear about what he is saying has also been a constant throughout this presidential election.


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