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Biden Voters (Probably) Discuss Plans to Blockade Supreme Court

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Well, good morning, everybody. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. David Bozell here, your conductor at the ForAmerica Studios. Let's talk about today's example of liberals behaving badly.

The Left sort of has gone bat shit crazy. Washington Free Beacon has the story. From just the other day, a radical left-wing group is laying plans to shut down the Supreme Court in response to the Supreme Court's opinion that potentially overturns Roe v. Wade. The decision is expected to come down on June the 13th.

Someone got their hands on a PowerPoint presentation and listened in on a, I guess, a Zoom call of likely left-wing agitators. They even have their own hashtag, #ShutdownDC.

#ShutdownDC is planning to block streets adjoining the Court to prevent the justices and their staff from reaching their chambers. Organizers acknowledge that their operations go beyond constitutionally protected activity, and they referenced the likelihood of arrests and clashes with law enforcement during a Tuesday night briefing that the Free Beacon monitored.

Good on the Free Beacon. See, again, I just love highlighting examples of the right-wing, center-right, whatever you want, sort of the non-liberal media, our right-wing media ecosystem. It's awesome!

Free Beacon did a hell of a job here. They got themselves into a briefing involving these organizers called Shut Down DC.

'One of our goals would be to expand the current political crisis by shutting down the Supreme Court,' one of the organizers said.

They planned the blockade for Monday, June 13th. Be somewhere else, folks. Don't be near the Supreme Court. You're probably not going to get very close to it anyway, but that's the day that this decision will likely be handed down.

The Tuesday night briefing included more than 60 activists and was led by four or five organizers, some of whom concealed their identities.

Cowards. Just cowards. Lead a bunch of people to go get arrested, blocking parking garages. Suckers.

The presentation included a detailed 'tactical' plan for blocking access to the Court's underground parking garage, which is the primary entry and exit point for employees and justices.

They're planning a rally. The PowerPoint slide of this presentation said:

In this space, we may talk about some actions that stretch the bounds of constitutionally protected speech.

Okay. I wonder if Biden's DOJ will consider obstructing a parking garage to the Supreme Court to be obstructing a federal proceeding. Just curious about that one. I wonder if they might. Then they say:

Avoid saying anything you wouldn't want to see on Fox News.

Hey, guys, pro tip. If you don't want to be on Fox News, just maybe not go protest. How about that? Maybe take the L and regroup. Do what you need to do to get your law changed the regular way. How about that? Do you have to sort of cry and moan in front of the Supreme Court, if you don't want to be on Fox News?

One organizer said that the shutdown, #ShutdownDC, is behind the demonstrations at the homes of the justices thought to have joined the leaked opinion overturning Roe. So here they are - they're admitting what they're doing. They're admitting that they're at the homes of these justices, trying to make life miserable. And does anything ever happen to these guys? Are they held to account in any sort of way? No, no, no, no, no.

Well, listen, June 13th is when this decision, that's about 12 days away here. Just no reason to be down there. None whatsoever. You're just courting trouble.

Let the Left make a fool out of themselves, and they will. They will absolutely make fools out of themselves. You remember that girl who yelled at Trump's inauguration?, no, no!

It'll be that on steroids. It'll be that just on total tilt.


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