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Biden Wants to Protect 'Deep State' Workers from Being Fired if Trump is Re-Elected

White House Archive/Public Domain

Conservatives believe the federal government is too big and should be cut. But in addition to that, there are unelected federal bureaucrats in intelligence and a variety of government agencies who are sometimes referred to as the 'Deep State.'

For his four years in office, the Deep State was never fond of Donald Trump.

Joe Biden now has a plan to protect these federal workers if Trump is re-elected.

Politico reports, "The Biden administration put the finishing touches Thursday on a plan to restrict presidents from unilaterally nixing civil service protections from large swaths of the federal workforce, as former President Donald Trump renews his vow to uproot a perceived 'deep state' if he is returned to the White House."

"While a future president could take steps to squelch the new directive, it reflects a larger effort by the Biden administration to put a protective wall around its policies," Politico noted.

The story continued:

Under a final rule issued by the Office of Personnel Management, employees whose jobs include civil service protections would not lose them if their position is converted to an exempt category. However, they could choose to waive that security or voluntarily move to a role that serves at the will of the president — typically highly coveted positions toward the top of an agency’s org chart.
The regulations also establish several procedural hurdles for an administration to clear if it wants to shift jobs between categories. Federal workers who believe they are being stripped of their protections could challenge the move with the independent Merit Systems Protection Board.
By issuing formal regulations on the personnel protections, the administration made it more time-consuming for a future president to reverse them.

According to the report, this is also a move against an executive order Trump gave that makes it easier to fire federal employees.

"The change is widely viewed as a pointed response to a fall 2020 executive order from Trump that created a new designation — known as Schedule F — for employees in policymaking roles that effectively made those workers easier to hire, fire or otherwise shuffle around," Politico reported.

The report added, "During his presidency, Trump repeatedly railed against a 'deep state' of government actors opposed to his agenda, and his desire to root out those perceived threats raised concerns about politicizing the federal workforce and devaluing professional expertise."

So there you have it. Unelected Deep State officials can work against a democratically-elected president like Trump with the Democratic Party protecting these workers and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

And they say Donald Trump is a threat to democracy.



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