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Frat Guys Make Hilarious Challenge to Antifa

Screenshot/Jonathan Choe X

As pro-Palestinian protests continue across the country, so does pushback against them.

Especially from frat guys.

The frat heroes are back at it again.

During a Charlie Kirk speaking event at the University of Washington, Antifa thugs showed up. They harassed independent journalists trying to cover their hallmark violence. Not surprisingly, Antifa members began starting fights.

In the middle of all this, some frat guys showed up and immediately challenged Antifa.

Challenged them to what?

A push-up/pull-up contest. Seriously.

It was awesome and hilarious.

“Let’s do some push ups!” a crowd member could be heard yelling.

Antifa guy responds, “Go do pull-ups on that tent. Right now, if you do more pull-ups than me — you go first."

Journalist Jonathan Choe could be heard commenting, “I never thought I’d see this. Antifa is being challenged by frat boys to do push-ups.”

One of the frat guys urged them, saying "I bench 225, you bench... I don't know..."


Don't expect these protests to end anytime soon. Don't expect young men to stop counter-protesting anytime soon either.

Donald Trump's team has even made an ad celebrating these patriots.


MORE of THIS please!



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