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Biden Was SO BAD Even CNN Said He Needs to Be Replaced


The first presidential debate happened on Thursday between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Trump easily cleaned Biden's clock, a decisive win for the likely Republican nominee.

For over 90 minutes, viewers witnessed how unwell and unfit Biden is for the presidency.

"I love Joe Biden. I worked for Joe Biden," CNN's Van Jones said.

After a pause, he added. "He didn't do well at all. He did not do well at all."

And let there be NO MORE talk by Democrats about videos of Biden seeming mentally not well being "cheap fakes."

CNN.... That's right C-N-N was talking about replacing Biden as the Democratic nominee!

It was sad and so bad for Biden who was JUST NOT THERE.

As Trump noted, this shouldn't even have been a debate. Biden is the WORST president.

No matter how this is spun. No matter how much some Democrats try to defend this. No matter how much the White House might try to forget this... The image of Biden looking weak, mentally ill, and babbling his words is an image that will not soon leave the minds of American voters.

If many were worried if Biden was up to the task of running for president again, Thursday night gave everyone the answer - a resounding 'NO.'

Donald Trump absolutely won this debate. Joe Biden absolutely lost.

And Joe Biden's loss had far more to do with Joe Biden than it did Donald Trump.

He just can't be president anymore and certainly not again.

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Jun 28
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Dick Tracy has found a replacement for the criminal Mumbles.

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