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Chip Roy for Speaker of the House

"Chip Roy for Speaker of the House" Transcript:

David Bozell: Alright, I wanted to play a quick clip that happened today.

Chip Roy, Congressman from Texas, southwest of San Diego...geez, San Antonio. This is who we want for Speaker of the House, especially given all of Kevin McCarthy's flailings about being recorded, allowing himself to be recorded, saying doublespeak to conservatives, not having an agenda. Does anyone know what Kevin McCarthy wants to do if he were named Speaker of the House?

Chip is the guy we want. It's who I want. I'll just lay it out there.

I want someone who can speak clearly, particularly on the most important issues of the day, which border is right up there. Border security is right up there.

I want a family man, which Chip is. The man has daughters. You're going to hear in the clip, his heart breaks for what's going on to little girls being trafficked, raped, branded, killed, as they get forced across the border.

I want someone who stands his ground.

I want someone who has solutions. The guy puts out bills under his name all the time. He's got policy prescriptions. He may not win them all. He may not be able to sell everybody all the time on all of these things, and that's okay.

But I want someone with a plan.

I want someone who has principles.

I want someone who's passionate.

I don't need a tactician. I don't need a so-called leader whose version of leadership is to stick their finger in the air, see where the wind is blowing, a guy like a Mitch McConnell, who will just say "the will of the caucus," which means nothing. The will of the majority of the caucus basically means do nothing.

The moment is ripe for a guy like Chip Roy. We'll play this clip. Chip Roy for Speaker of the House when Republicans take control of the House in 2023. Let's roll it.

Chip Roy: Talk about the damage being done to the United States of America. Mr. Secretary, do you know what this is? This is a mobile morgue.

Let me just jump in real quick. You're not going to be able to see this visually, but we'll put this on the blog so you can see it. If you're just listening to this, he brings pictures of a lot of death, and he confronts the Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas, today at a House hearing. He's confronting him with the pictures and the images that the press basically refuses to show you of what's going on at the Texas border every single day. Then at the end, he basically starts tossing the pictures at the Secretary like you would toss cards from a deck of cards. He brought the receipts.

Let me start it over.

Chip Roy for Speaker. Let's get that clarion call going, make that demand of our representatives in the House. Chip Roy for Speaker of the House.


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May 02, 2022


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