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CNN Panelists Say Trump Will Likely Win This Key Battleground State


On Monday, CNN - yes, that CNN - basically conceded that Donald Trump was likely to win Nevada in November.

A state that Joe Biden won in 2020.

A group of panelists broke down why this might happen during Monday's, “CNN This Morning.”

CNN host Kasie Hunt along with panelists Lulu Garcia Navarro and Jonah Goldberg noted that purplish Nevada was a swing state, but according to the latest Real Clear Politics polling data, Trump was up over Biden by 5.3 percent.

Biden won Nevada 2.4 points ahead of Trump four years ago.

Hunt asked the panel, “Nevada is changing. Latino voters in particular, an opportunity for Donald Trump in a way that you know, some people may not have wrapped their heads around. But Lulu, it does seem like — I’ll be honest at this point, it feels like Nevada’s gonna land in Trump’s column. Why?”

Navarro responded, “If Nevada lands in Trump’s column, it’s going to be because the economy. Frankly, Nevada is a place where you have a lot of working class, um, service workers. Um, they are very impacted by high prices, they have been hurt during the pandemic, um, and they are looking for improvements in the economy, and as we know, um, people are nostalgic of the Trump economy pre-pandemic."

"They think that they did better then," she added. "And they believe that he would be able to turn the economy around for them now. And so that, I think, is the main appeal.”

According to Navarro, it would be a "mistake" to assume Hispanic voters put immigration first when voting.

She said Latinos - like everyone else - put the economy first when they go in the voting booth.

Goldberg agreed, saying, “It has always been true that Hispanic voters, as they move up the socioeconomic ladder, become indistinguishable from the median voter. People think, for a long time the Republicans thought, ‘Oh, Hispanics just always vote Democrat,’ no. Poor people tended to vote Democrat."

"As Hispanics moved up the socioeconomic ladder, they tended to look indistinguishable from other voters," Goldberg said.

This conversation on CNN came one day after Trump held a massive Las Vegas rally on Sunday and the day before Biden is scheduled to announce an executive order on illegal immigration.

But any day CNN is saying in unison that things are looking up for Donald Trump in any way, you know things really MUST be looking up for Donald Trump.


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