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Democrats Hoped Convicting Trump Would Hurt Him - New Poll Shows It Didn't

Fulton County Sheriff's Office

After a kangaroo court in New York City issued 34 convictions to Donald Trump, many Democrats seemed to think this would hurt his re-election chances and help Joe Biden's.

According to a new poll, none of that happened.

In fact, Trump is leading Biden.

According to a new survey from Economist/YouGov that was taken after Trump was found guilty asked this question of participants: “In November 2024, who do you plan to vote for in the presidential election?”

42 percent said Trump would get their vote.

40 percent said they would pick Biden.

That's just a two point difference, but Trump is still ahead of Biden - after the convictions.

Earlier in June, this poll showed Trump and Biden tied at 42 and 42. If Trump's support hasn't moved and Biden's has gone down a bit, maybe Democrats strategy failed? Maybe instead of the convictions hurting Trump, it helped him?

Three percent said they will vote for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein got one percent as did independent candidate Cornel West.

Nine percent were unsure. Two percent said they didn't plan to vote.

Among independent voters, Trump got 37 percent compared to Biden's 26 percent.

That's an 11-point spread in favor of Trump.

There will be other polls and we cannot predict what those results will be. But this established poll - a historically Democrat-friendly one at that - clearly shows that Trump's legal troubles did not do the kind of damage to his campaign that Democrats had hoped for.

Instead of trying to tear his opponent down, maybe Biden should try a new strategy? Being competent. Not sucking.

Hell, just stay awake!

But that does seem like a lot for Joe Biden.


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