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Defense Visual Information Distribution Service/Public Domain

America has a national defense unrivaled by any country in the world. Millions have served the United States with bravery and honor for our entire history and so many gave all in their service.

We will never forget them. We will always honor them.

But America also has something that is separate from that.

When President Dwight Eisenhower warned of an emerging "Military-Industrial-Complex" in 1961, he was talking about an arms industry that was interlocked with politicians where they all made money for themselves by promoting war.

Ike was right - and these people are still with us.

You might recognize some of them in this video!

Sometimes war is necessary. Defending the country is always necessary.

But it's an easy guess most Americans can look back now and have regret about some of the wars their country were involved in.

Polls show Vietnam is always near the top of that list. Support for the Iraq War has certainly dwindled two decades out. A 2022 Gallup poll showed a mere 16% of Americans have a "mostly" or "very" favorable view of that war.

But did most Washington politicians learn any lessons?

Absolutely not.

The bipartisan cabal of Republicans and Democrats shown in the video see their primary role as taking the U.S. to war - using any logic or excuse imaginable - as a top priority.

It doesn't matter where, if it's smart or even in our national interest (they'll say anything).

They always want war.

Donald Trump commented on these people and their reckless actions recently during a speech in New Hampshire:

“Here we go again with the Middle East. We spent $9 trillion, killed millions of people including our side, their side, millions of people, $9 trillion, and what we got? Nothing," Trump said.

"You got death, you got blood, you got nothing,” he added.

He's not wrong.


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