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For America's Top Ten Takes for Wednesday October 21, 2020

1. Just about every talking head, political show host, opinion maker, public policy leader—anyone in the political Right’s sphere of influence—owes their career to Rush Limbaugh. God Bless you, sir. And Rush is on Twitter now, in case you missed it. His handle is @RealRLimbaugh


2. All we want to hear at the debates is whether Joe thinks the Hunter Biden emails are real:


3. Ladies, a quick public service announcement from men: We're willing to do just about anything for you. But this is unbearable...


4. 50 Cent ain't foolin' around. Looks like he's serious about his vow to vote Trump in 2020:


5. While one “campaign” is stuck in a Delaware basement, the other can pack a hanger with thousands—on the fly with next to no notice, anywhere in the country...


6. Some cool new footage from Customs and Border Patrol of new sections of wall going up in Tucson. Build the Wall!


7. Great new poll out for Trump, who we believe will win BIGLY.


8. Good nugget from Robert Barnes, @Barnes_Law, Give him a follow for more election relation knowledge....


9. Reminder: this White House "siege" scheduled to run for fifty days starting on September 17th, was cancelled due to lack of interest...


10. And finally, a cringe alert. This pic is from a Kamala Harris rally in North Carolina.


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