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For America's Top Ten Takes for Thursday October 22, 2020

1. Here's my predicted Electoral College Map as of today. I'm tempted to give the President Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon, in that order. But I'll keep them in Biden's camp for now. Vote!


2. If Hunter's laptop can't be verified, then why did Hunter's lawyer ask for it back??


3. HAHAHAHA. This is great. Weekend at Bidens!


4. Congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett for advancing out of committee unanimously!


5. LOL. This was the scene for Kamala Harris for her "rally" the other day in North Carolina. Cricket. Cricket.


6. I’ve seen enough. It’s over. The complete repudiation of Obama is just extra sugar on my cereal.


7. Meanwhile the Trump rallies have been an impressive show of force by the Trump campaign. They only announced the Gastonia, NC rally last night just six days ago. Looks like half the town showed up...


8. The President signed a HUGE Executive Order yesterday. The President is creating a new class of government employee, labeled “Schedule F," who can be held accountable much easier and fired much more easily. The swamp will get a little cleaner. Read about it here.



10. Okay, this is ridiculous "fact-checking" from the so-called "fact-checkers," but talk about a distinction without a difference. Who in their right mind wants to vote for the 5th largest tax increase since 1940?? Yuck.


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