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For America's Top Ten Takes for Tuesday, October 27th

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The rally blitz is on. Trump is making his closing argument as the "Happy Warrior" in front of thousands of people. Biden is making his closing argument in the middle of nowhere to no one in particular because his team has figured out that if he speaks in front of a crowd, he gets distracted and starts to make gaffes.

  1. Trump vs. Biden: High Energy vs. Joe Energy


2. The Master closer...


3. Most of the people in Joe Biden's crowd are either media or they are staff. Pathetic.


4. Look who Joe Biden encountered as Joe Biden arrived for the Joe Biden rally:


5. New Pennsylvania Poll from one of the few pollsters that picked Trump in Pennsylvania in 2016, has Trump up +1:


6. LOL:


7. Democrats were all bark and no bite during the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation. Justice Coney Barrett was obviously more than qualified for the job, and there was little Democrats could do to stop her confirmation. Congratulations, ma'am.


8. Moms are awesome.


9. With one week to go, I've got the Electoral College map looking this way, 318-220 in favor of the President. I'm tempted to add Minnesota. We'll see what happens.


10. And finally, some great info on Florida, PA, and Michigan:


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