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ForAmerica's Election Prediction

It's tough to get greedier than this. President Trump will win re-election with 328 Electoral Votes to 210 for Joe Biden.

I like the President to hold the states that he won and add New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Nevada. I'm confident of those flips in that order: NH, MN, and NV.

Do I think all states will be called on election night? No, I do not. Pennsylvania and Nevada might take a few days. Litigation will surround their counts. I don't think it will matter.

Of the often talked-about midwest swing states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, I'm confident in MI, WI, and PA in that order.

Do not sleep on New Mexico and Virginia. Sleeper states, but I'll given them to Biden.

I never believed the polls for a second this entire cycle, as I thought they were intentionally skewed against the President.

Congratulations to the President, who worked his ass off and deserves his re-election.


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