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Fox News' Martha MacCallum Gets Tense With White House Spokesman: 'Do We Have A Border?'

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Fox News host Martha MacCallum interviewed White House spokesperson John Kirby about illegal immigration.

And she did not hold back.

America's southern border is pure chaos.

That was the starting point.

Mediate reports:

'He’s been president for three years,' said MacCallum, who noted that many Republican caucus and primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire cited immigration as an important issue for them. 'This is not just the same old immigration issue we’ve had going on for a decade as he said the other day. These are record numbers all the time. And people in Iowa and New Hampshire are the ones that are expressing concerns about it. This isn’t Arizona and Texas. This is Iowa and New Hampshire. I don’t think that people sense that there’s an urgency to address this.'

Kirby immediately blamed Congress.

'He has taken some executive actions,' Kirby replied. 'But there’s a limit to what executive action can do. And we really need support from Congress. We really need additional legislative action here, new laws. And quite frankly, on day one, he put forward a new immigration reform, proposed legislation that hasn’t been acted on. So, we gotta act in partnership with Congress. And I’ll tell you, the discussions that we’re having on the Senate side are progressing well.'

MacCallum pushed back.

'They’re not really moving along well,' she said. 'You say he’s been concerned about it for three years, but that’s failing, obviously. When you have record numbers of people coming in, that means the policy’s failing. So, why not change gears and try to do something that works?'

Then this straightforward exchange happened:

MACCALLUM: John, do we have a border? Do we have a southern border?
KIRBY: Do we have a what?
MACCALLUM: Do we have a southern border?
KIRBY: Yes, ma’am. Of course we do.
MACCALLUM: Then how come people can flow across it every single day? Hundreds of thousands of people? 300,000 people in December.


Kirby responded with:

'We’re working very hard to try to fix that, Martha. That’s why we need congressional action. That’s why the president asked for additional funding – $6 billion in the supplemental to try to get border security enhanced. I think– you and I are obviously not going to see the policy solutions the same way, and I respect that.'

'Well, I’m just looking for results,' MacCallum replied. 'If you’re concerned about the number of people crossing, you’re not getting results. So, at some point, you have to say we gotta do something different.'

Something different indeed.

She was right to ask the Biden rep if we even had a border at this point.

Because it really seems like we don't.


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