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Hey, Congress: Protect Our Kids at All Costs


Partial Transcript:

DAVID: If you got kids in school or grandkids in school, go and thank the resource officers there. If you got security there, go thank 'em because they're putting their lives out on the line for your kids or your grandkids every day.

I am gonna give some free advice to House Republicans or to all Republicans. This is in response to the Nashville School shooting, which typically I would wait for a few days to throw something out there, but and everyone here at ForAmerica HQ is pretty rocked. All of my staff, we've all got kids in schools. My kid's school has an armed security guard and I remember a few years ago the first time we saw him, and it's a little startling at first, if you haven't experienced that; dropping your kid off at school to see an armed security guard there, guarding the drop off zones and just roaming the campus, it could be a little startling at first and disconcerting and all those things.

But you get used to it. And frankly, you welcome it


Back to the political advice and policy advice.

Billions of dollars for Ukraine... and millions for Ghana-- but what about our schools?

Now some of these campuses that we send our kids to, they are massive, right? So not even one armed guard is gonna do the trick. So let's put two at every school. That's $8 billion. Now, let's add to the bureaucracy of all that, benefits, and maybe some kind of government entity that sort of dispenses of the cash. Let's just round that up to $10B... I don't even think the number very much matters at this point. If I'm the house Republicans, I'm gonna put that bill on the floor with the caveat. Caveat is we can't afford it. The United States cannot afford it.

We have $31-32 trillion dollars worth of debt.

There's one thing that the Republicans have promised to cut, and it is a red line for them, and that is the IRS bit, which we can't afford either. So that costs $80 billion.

This is where we start. Where good policy meets good politics. I'm throwing a bill on the floor, $10 billion for two security guards at every school. I'm telling Joe Biden, "in exchange, you're gonna cut $10 billion to pay for it. Alright, so this is a wash and I'll even dangle a carrot just to make it worth your while. Mr. President. I'll give you your debt ceiling increase equivalent to $10 billion. All I gotta do is sign a new piece of legislation."


He's not Uncle Joe. Just, chomping away on ice cream. The guy's a callous dude who, if you cross him, can really get angry and we've all heard the screaming . So I don't expect him to sign such a piece of legislation or to put his sort of spending wishlist on hold for this-- what I would consider to be high priority, protecting the kids at school with armed personnel. And you'd have a lot of retired military, a lot of retired cops that would line up to do it. They're trained for that sort of thing. $10 billion would get the job done. Two guards for every school in the country. If these estimates are correct, have no doubt, no reason to think that they're not correct and in exchange.

Cut some of your IRS bit. Raise your debt ceiling, the equivalent of $10 billion. Bipartisanship... Yay! Compromise... Yay! That's what I would do if I were the Republicans.


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