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The Rent is Too Damn High to Worry About Trump vs. DeSantis


DAVID: All right. I'm gonna play this DeSantis clip just to refresh our memories. This is DeSantis responding to  the leaked story that Trump is gonna get indicted. Okay, let's play it. We'll set the table and I'll give you my hot take right after.

Okay. I see a lot of Trump folks out there.

And I guess people sort of self-identifying as now former DeSantis folks who didn't like the middle part of that. “I don't know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence over some type of alleged affair.” Okay, I’ll tell you who's not upset by that, and I want to encourage folks to not be, because Trump's not upset by that.

If I had to bet money, Trump probably laughed out loud at that one.

It's a good line. It's a dig for sure. But for weeks now, Trump's operation… unleashed DeSanctimonious on him… there's a super PAC down in Florida that's trying to sue DeSantis for alleged campaign violations and violating his oath of office for governor by entertaining this run for the presidency. You’ve got Trump, insinuating that DeSantis is a pedophile, even maybe perhaps homosexual. So, Trump has gone there. This is nothing. It's nothing. And frankly, the whole the indictment, the story, the fact that her name is Stormy, the fact that she's in adult films. It's absurd.

And it's… a smart DeSantis play to point out the absurdity of it all. He brackets the joke...and in communications, it's a typical management thing. Positive, negative, positive, right? So, he's a governor and the positive is this guy is being railroaded by a Soros-funded prosecutor.

Then he slips in the joke, and then he ends it with “not only is a Soros funded prosecutor, but he's letting New York City turn into a war zone and not prosecuting legit crime.”

But I'm just saying it. I don't think that you need to… if you're paying attention to the comings and goings of this campaign, there's just no reason to be so bent outta shape about every little thing that goes back and forth between these two guys - they're gonna have it out. A lot of this will come down to the debate stage.

A lot of this will come down to what are the most important issues come 2024, which have not necessarily been flushed out yet. Though we suspect the economy, Ukraine, and the border will be top among those – education – will be tops among those and they'll duke those things out. And yes, I am naïve. And yes, I wish everybody would play nice. And yes, I wish these two guys would keep it clean. And yes, I know that they won't.

Is the Trump prosecution absurd? Yes, it is.

And I don't even… but I don't get bent outta shape about even Trump's call to go protest. Protesting is still legal, by the way. But I don't know. I've studied his communications. I think I have a good handle on what he's trying to get out. He's trying to control the story to the best of his ability.

And I think I understand what DeSantis is trying to do, which is - yes, let's just be like real here. It is a stupid thing that we're having to defend.

So these guys, it's gonna get worse I think, unfortunately... But if you think that was just like below the belt uncalled for… I would suggest that you probably tune out the rest of the way. I really would. It's gonna get worse. And if that is… look folks, we're not electing saints here, okay? We're trying to save the country. We're trying to get our policy prescriptions passed. We're trying to limit and shrink some of this government. And the reason why all this is happening is because the government is too damn big.

If I could channel the rent is too damn high guy. If you remember that guy from years ago, the reason why all this is happening is that we are funding it ourselves. That's why I'm so bullish on what the house Republicans are about to embark on. They are gonna slash Joe Biden's government by a big amount.

And there is nothing that he can do about it. Nothing. And he's gonna have to swallow it because they're gonna pass their appropriations packages. They're gonna pass their spending bills. And Chip Roy said, they're gonna give the Senate and Joe Biden bills to choke on. And they're gonna do their work as constitutionally mandated, and it's going to include some drastic cuts to government programs that no one asked for, that don't work, that's funded by us, that only served to harass us.

That is the solution to all of it.

The solution isn't even… it would be nice to get the guy you want or the lady that you want in the White House. That would be nice and that's important. It would be nice to have control over legislative chambers. It is nice. That's-- the house is the most important part of that deal, and it's nice to have judges and all those things.

But the reason why we're in the situation that we're in is that the United States House of Representatives has abdicated its constitutionally mandated responsibilities as stewards of taxpayer resources and haven't cut a damn thing in 30 years.

And until we do, we will never be on offense as a cause.

There were basically two principles that joined the movement – the conservative movement, populist movement, whatever you wanna call it – I hate labels, but whatever you wanna call it. One was pro-life. Check. Got that one. And the other was shrinking and limiting some federal government. And we haven't done that at all.

And the greatest trick that the establishment has pulled was passing these one or two spending bills per year, usually on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. And nobody could do anything about it unless you had a K Street address. Of course, the best thing to do, it’s to limit and shrink some government.

And that's what the house Republicans have proposed and they're gonna execute on that in the next couple of weeks here. And then they're gonna sit back and say, okay, Joe Biden you go out and try to put a coherent sentence together and defend all this spending, which has led to all this inflation. You try to defend it. Even if he had a coherent message, and he doesn't, but even if he had he can't… he physically cannot sell it to the country.

The best thing for the Republicans in the house, and if there's gonna be a more equal branch it is supposed to be the house, guys, as the folks who are in charge of the power of the purse.

The best thing for them to do is pass their spending bills and say, “we're done. We did our constitutionally mandated responsibility. Sorry you guys don't do that.” And make Biden shut things down, which he will. And then he’ll realized that there's 20, 40, 60 House guys that would rather quit than spend any more of our money on what Joe Biden wants to spend our money on.

So, that's the important… those are the important policy initiatives in the next couple of weeks, few months, and then the presidential start up in earnest. But don't get-- don't I'm telling ya, I bet you a million bucks. Trump got a big chuckle outta that.

It'll raise his game and some of the stuff that he's throwing at DeSantis I just think it's a little flat. I wish it was better. I really do. He's gonna be… I think DeSantis is gonna be a tough out. I really do. I really do. And Trump understands that DeSantis is obviously his chief competition.

That's why he is spending so much time on it. But Trump also understands a cardinal political rule, define or be defined, and he's trying to define the playing field, the battlefield as it relates to his possible charges. He's trying to define DeSantis and define what the issues are gonna be in the presidential, and that is a cardinal rule of politics.

Trump more so than just about any other Republican, understands this better than anybody.

And so, DeSantis’ joke was just that. It was good. Good joke. And it is absurd - the story is absurd, but it will raise Trump's game and that's a good thing. Okay, over and out.



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