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Hop a Bus to DC

"Hop a Bus to DC" Transcript:

David Bozell: So, remember when the truckers shut down Ottawa or wherever in Canada it was. Why, why, why do I have such a dumb memory when it comes to that sort of stuff?

In Canada. Yeah. It's Canada, somewhere in Canada. And those guys were just true patriots, freedom fighters all the way. They did the trucker horn. Which is coming to Washington, DC, but not in the same type of way, right?

It's not going to be like a trucker convoy. It is courtesy of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is going to be sending illegals, busloads of illegal immigrants up to Pennsylvania Avenue. You know Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House, is very well fenced off. And I quite curious if the illegal immigrants that Greg Abbott intends to bus up to Washington could actually crawl over the fence into the White House grounds. That would be kind of a real world experiment to see if walls actually work. Oh, yeah, DC is just going to be busing people all through Constitution Avenue, Independence Avenue. I can't wait.

Good for Abbott. Some creative thinking. I have no idea if that's the proper policy position. And honestly, I have no idea if it's going to stop the numbers or slow down the numbers. Right. I don't think anyone really has any idea. And I know there is some criticisms out there saying, oh, that's just optics, a publicity stunt. I don't care. It sounds like it could very well work in terms of drawing the nation's attention. Certainly, when you're talking about, you know, narratives and what the press covers and what they don't.

So much of our press is just beamed out of Washington, DC and New York City. So much of our national press is beamed out of those two locations. So, sometimes you got to go to where they are. Because outside of a few brave souls, like a Bill Melugin from FOX and Jose Rojas from Town Hall, few others, very few people have gone down to the border, actually reported what the hell is going on down there. The human trafficking disaster that's going on down there. The fact that according to Texas officials in the briefing that I received when I went down there, the cartels have operational control over the border, our border, not theirs, ours. They have operational control over it or just second fiddle.

Good on, good on, Abbott, for being aggressive and trying something different. There was some, there was a clip that Melugin found of a bunch of illegals trying to cross the Rio Grande in a boat that capsized floating down river. And guess who went out to help them. Guess who went out to help these people from drowning? We did, Americans did. Wasn't the cartels who dropped them off. It was American Border Patrol and Texas Department of Safety going out, wading into the river, which is because there's no real sanitation regulations along the Rio Grande on the Mexican side. I mean, there's a waste facility up river. So, much of the Rio Grande is kind of human poop water in a lot of these stretches.

Which is a shame, because it's gorgeous down there, but they've got a waste management facility that just dumps into the river apparently on the Mexican side. So, they're wading through poop water. And it is Texas Border Patrol and United States Border Patrol that go in there to go rescue these people from drowning. Sucks.

And it's all because Joe Biden doesn't want to have any border enforcement. And his Vice President, who is supposedly the borders arm, doesn't want to go down there to work at all. So yeah, Greg Abbott is going to bring the party to Pennsylvania Avenue. We'll see what happens, but I applaud him for the get up and go. I really do.

And I wish, and I hope other governors follow suit. I mean, not everybody is Texas that they've got, you know, the unique border situation. Louisiana, you know, anybody who is suffering from an influx of illegals. To the extent that you can, that you're responsible for, dispersing these folks who are getting free phones, by the way, thank you very much. They could use their, how about this, they can use their free phones that Biden gives them. And then it'll be a cheaper call if they just call Joe Biden's house from outside the front door. They don't even need to call. They can just knock. That'd be great.

Anyway, I can't wait to go through DC and see and just hear bus horns in our nation's capital, full of Joe Biden's problems.

Take it easy.


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Apr 11, 2022

I love the idea.. let’s hope it goes thru. But I thought this idea got canned


Apr 09, 2022

Way to go Hov. Abbott!! Lets see how many other Governors follow suit.

America will be great again

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