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Run!! Pelosi Has COVID!

"Run!! Pelosi Has COVID!" Transcript:

David Bozell: Well, well, well, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi testing positive for COVID. I'm sure she'll be fine. Sure she'll be fine. Maybe she'll get some of those monoclonal antibodies that everyone else seems to be running short of.

But the funniest bit was the reporters. So, I guess every Thursday afternoon she does a press conference in DC and the Capitol Hill reporters gather around to hear whatever might be spewing out of her mouth on that particular day. So, they're sitting in the room and they're waiting for her to show up and she's running late. I don't know what kind of, I guess she has a, I'm not sure if she has a reputation for being late. But anyway, she's running late and a live C-SPAN camera caught the moment.

So, this was written up ... Where was this? The U.S. Sun paper. So, they had a transcript of it. I found a video of it, but I'll play that in a second because it's really hard to hear. But, it says one of the reporters goes,

"Uh-oh, Pelosi tested positive."

Another replies,

"Are you shitting me?"

Then another one replies,

"This is why we wear masks."

Really? Is that why? And then someone else asked,

"Is she in the building?"

As if they're just going to run for cover when she might be in the Capitol Hill building, and they're nowhere near her. Then someone follows it up with,

"Okay, so we don't need to be here anymore."

And another reporter says,

"This might be the worst place."

These guys are just so scared to death of Nancy testing positive.

She was with Biden yesterday, which who knew, maybe that's part of their dastardly plan to get Biden out of office. Just breathe a bunch of COVID on him and see what happens. Just feign all responsibility, like, "Oh, it was the pandemic. The Chinese."

Okay, so here's the video. We got to play it loud, okay, because C-SPAN's mics weren't real good.

Then they just bail. And I think that's Chad Pergram. I think I recognize his voice. He's a FOX guy, one of the best reporters out there. And I think that Pergram says that I think that ruins her CODEL, which is a shorthand for congressional delegation, something, something, something trip essentially. So she may have been planned to go out on some travel to God knows where and that probably got canceled.

But these reporters are just going crazy, because Nancy is testing positive. Pretty funny. But she'll be fine. Sure. She has the best doctors. Sure she'll get the best treatment. I'd love to know if she had got any Ivermectin in the early diagnosis. That would be fun.

Alright, take it easy.


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