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Hunter Biden appears to have videotaped himself doing drugs

I recently shared a video on I found on Twitter of what appears to be Hunter Biden arguing with someone on the phone while smoking what appears to be crack. In the video, Hunter claims he was called at 9 am, so I can only assume that the video was taped around that time. It appears Hunter was taping himself.

Yesterday, Sunday, was the first time I'd seen this clip. Apparently, it was the first time seeing the clip for a lot of people. The response was huge.

In the video, Biden appears to be worried about a February 2019 piece by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd titled, “Uncle Joe’s Family Web.”

But forget about Dowd’s column. It doesn’t matter. It’s just a timestamp.

WHERE is the coverage of this? Does the New York Times NOT care about the president’s son talking about one of their own columnists while smoking crack? Does anyone, anywhere in the media care about Hunter Biden smoking crack as late as 2019?

Imagine if this was any of Donald Trump’s kids or in-laws: Don Jr. Eric. Ivanka. Jared. Any of them. Smoking crack. Or doing any drugs on camera. Arguing with what sounds like their partner on the phone while appearing high.

Hell, imagine if this was any of Gov. Ron DeSantis or ANY Republican’s children.

It would be the top headline for months.

In February 2020, Joe Biden said his son had moved past his former drug problems. I hope he has and this early 2019 video was the end of his addict days.

Or maybe that’s just something you say to get through an election.

Regardless, if you’re an investigative journalist, isn’t a video of the President's son doing drugs on camera something you would investigate? Is there not a legacy news site interested in investigating this video, its contents or origins?

Apparently not.


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