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ICYMI: 2024 Predictions with David Bozell and Tim Constantine

Updated: Jan 3

TOPIC: Political Review of 2023 and Predictions for 2024



"Trump [will be] overcoming a lot of challenges to win the Republican nomination, including being threatened with jail."


  • The biggest disappointment of 2023 was the performance of the Republican Party, particularly in terms of spending and adherence to traditional Republican values.

  • The pro-life movement failed to win on more stringent abortion laws, with some states like Ohio voting for abortion on demand.

  • A major surprise of 2023 was the response of companies like Bud Light and Disney to their core customer bases, with significant financial losses due to their woke content.

  • Hollywood's continued focus on woke content, despite financial flops, indicates a persistent trend of prioritizing political and cultural division over profits.

  • The United Nations and World Health Organization are criticized to have misaligned values with the U.S. and lack of transparency in fund usage.

  • Predictions for 2024 include Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination despite legal challenges and Michelle Obama potentially becoming the Democratic nominee.

  • The challenge for Republicans is to reach passive news consumers and convince them of the party's agenda and values.



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