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If "CocaineGate" ends up being real, what next?


We're on day six of the so-called 'cocaine gate,' and the hashtag 'cocaine in Washington' is trending on Twitter. This latest Biden-family drama feels different in that it hasn't fallen off the map like most others.

The GOP has held the majority for the last six months, but to date has failed to make any meaningful cuts in Joe Biden's bloated administration. The GOP majority also failed to hold Biden accountable through impeachment or any other means. In fact, the Supreme Court seems to be doing all the heavy lifting keeping Biden in-check, which is exactly what the GOP wants the Supreme Court to do because it allows the GOP to avoid having to do so themselves.

This brings us to the key issue of the moment: what happens if it's discovered that the cocaine was brought into the White House by a family member or a staff member of the Biden administration?

If the Department of Justice chooses not to act on it, then what's next? There are three options, as I see it:

  1. Use the so-called "power of the purse,"

  2. Impeach Biden for High Crimes -- allowing a felony to take place in the White House seems like a "High Crime" to me him,

  3. Do what the GOP normally does, which is: do nothing except rail on it The Sean Hannity Show.

The most viable option is to use the power of the purse. This is the way our system was designed, with Congress, especially the House, as the stewards of taxpayer resources. If the legislative branch is not satisfied with the performance of the executive branch, it can withhold funding. That's how the Founding Fathers designed our system.

If the Republican Party endorses a system that allows the Biden administration or the Biden family to bring cocaine into the White House and then funds it, the Republicans are complicit. And if that's the case, Republicans should not exist as a political entity.

I'm not a prude. I understand that drugs affect every household and every family. But this is the White House we're talking about. The bag of cocaine is a smaller piece of a larger issue, which is corruption within all the rogue agencies that Biden controls.

High-profile problems like drug scandals tend to stick around. So, this story is unlikely to go away. But the Republicans need to show the country that they are serious about their principles.

By funding agencies that do not hold people accountable, they risk alienating ordinary Americans. We all know people who've struggled with addiction and faced the consequences. Yet the Biden family seems to get away with such behavior, even in the White House.

This is an easy case for the Republicans to make. But to change the system, they need to take their job as stewards of taxpayer resources seriously.

Protecting taxpayer resources and ensuring they are not used to further corruption is the only answer.

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