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It's 2024 and Nancy Pelosi is Still Pushing Trump Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory

Gage Skidmore/Flickr/Creative Commons

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi implied that Donald Trump was hesitant to aid Ukraine because he was close with Russian President Vladimir Putin - harkening back to the old discredited 'Russian Collusion' conspiracy theory that Democrats were obsessed with after the 2016 election.

Never mind that a two year investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller found exactly ZERO evidence.

Democrats just can't let it go. And Pelosi repeated the myth in the most childish way imaginable.

The Hill reports, "Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said former President Trump is 'palsy-walsy' with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as she criticized the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for his tepid approach to aiding Ukraine."

What is she, 6-years-old?

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Pelosi about Trump's view that “Europe has to step up” in terms of aiding and defending Ukraine.

The Hill story continued:

Pelosi hit back on the suggestion that Europe contribute more, saying it is “just indicative of how irresponsible he has been on this because he’s palsy-walsy, for some reason, with Putin.” “For him to say that shows his lack of knowledge, his lack of values, and quite frankly, his lack of commitment to democracy,” she added. Trump has for months expressed skepticism about the U.S. providing additional assistance to Ukraine in its war against Russia, arguing support for Ukraine is not a vital American interest and that Europe should be providing the bulk of the assistance. His views have been deeply influential among his allies in Congress, making passage of Ukraine aid in the GOP-controlled House difficult. Pelosi added that it is “heartbreaking” that the aid has been held up for months and pointed to the former president’s influence as a possible reason.

Again, after one of the most exhaustive investigations in congressional history they could find nothing - absolutely ZILCH - connecting Trump to Putin in the way Pelosi continues to promote.

Not that she's ever had a hard time lying, but this one is just so tired, stupid, and pathetic.

That's no surprise considering the source.


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