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Jesus, Take the Wheel: "I identify as a dog"

This confused woman thinks she's a dog. She wears a collar, responds to dog whistles, and apparently sometimes uses her back yard as a toilet. She appears to have done some sort of interview where the others played dog whistles while she responded, sometimes barking. She shows videos of being walked on a leash and claiming that she "identifies as a dog," while going by the name "Meow."

At first glance, it's insane. It's preposterous. This person should be put in a mental institute, right? But where is this really any different than the radical transgender ideology? If a man can pretend to be a woman, can a woman pretend to be a dog? If we ignore reality and pretend we can't tell the difference between very distinct things, species and gender are similar in the sense that they're both immutable characteristics - only the mentally unwell could think they can change it.

Jesus, take the wheel!

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Mar 19


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