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Joe Biden's 7 Most Racist Moments

Racism is a subject that it guaranteed to loom large in the 2020 presidential election--with the Democrats' White House nominee topping the list!

Here are some of Joe Biden's most racist moments throughout his political career.

2. When discussing integrating schools, Biden said he didn't want his children to grow up in a "racial jungle."

4. Biden worked with former segregationists to help co-author the 1994 crime bill that many critics today unjustly put a generation of black non-violent offenders in jail.

Some have even called America's mass incarceration problem--that Biden helped spearhead--the "new Jim Crow."

5. Biden's pro-segregation busing bill was so bad that even a former member of the KKK-turned congressman voted against it.

7. Biden says you're not really black unless you vote for him!

These examples are the just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the charges of racism that will no doubt be leveled at Biden and Republican Donald Trump.

Team Biden better have answers, but how can Joe Biden defend most of this?

How can the new "woke" left tolerate it?

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They had to throw Trumps name in there…lol. The article is about Biden and his racism, but they couldn’t resist the ending it with “hinting” that charges were lobbed at Trump for the same. Here’s a hint: THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Ew. EXACTLY what happened in Epstein’s documentary. Trump was brought up 18 times and the same photos popped up over and over again and none if it was relatable other than the fact a young Trump made general chit chat to the tune of two sentences of surface comments to Epstein, then the documentary of EPSTEIN trashed Trump for dancing with grown women in their late twenties while insinuating he was committing pedophilia by dancing with those grow…

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