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Joe Biden Says He's Fine... Except for His 'Brain'

Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

After an absolutely awful debate performance against Donald Trump, Joe Biden continues to defend himself against charges that he is not mentally fit to be president.

But according to the New York Times, Biden is admitting that although he insists he's fine, his brain might not be all there.

Really, Joe?


On Wednesday, the president told more than 20 Democratic governors that his health is good but his mind might be an exception.

That's a pretty big exception.

Speaking with Hawaii Governor Josh Green, 81-year-old Biden said “It’s just my brain.”

According to the Times, most of the governors treated it as a joke.

“He was clearly making a joke,” Jen O’Malley Dillon, Biden’s campaign chair, told the Times.

From the report, "Multiple governors who participated in the meeting expressed dismay afterward that there had been little debate about whether Mr. Biden should continue his 2024 presidential campaign — a topic they discussed at length during a call the governors held among themselves on Monday."

Biden touched on efforts to replace him as the presidential nominee.

"Mr. Biden has acknowledged to two allies that he knows he may not be able to save his candidacy for a second term if he can’t demonstrate his abilities to voters following the debate," noted the Times. "He sought to reassure concerned campaign aides in a call on Wednesday before the meeting with the governors, saying he was in the race to stay."

"But the fact that Mr. Biden began the conversation with the governors by declaring that he was continuing on left some participants feeling that any further discussion about the state of play was chilled," the story said.

Those governors aren't complete idiots. They saw what all of America saw during the debate: A president who clearly isn't up to the job RIGHT NOW, much less for another four years.

No joke.


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