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Jon Stewart BLASTS Biden Campaign: 'I Could Not Believe What I Was Watching'


Jon Stewart is no conservative, but the comedian has apparently had it with the lies and manipulation coming out of the Biden campaign.

"The Daily Show" host said the campaign's spin after the debate with Donald Trump was beyond absurd.

“Biden’s performance and inability to articulate at times was stunning,” Stewart began. “Like, I could not believe what I was watching."

"But then it got worse." Stewart said. "Rather than respecting the American people and having an honest, at least, conversation about what we had all seen, we were told immediately, ‘These are not the droids you’re looking for.’”

“For a campaign based on honesty and decency, the spin about the debate appears to be blatant bull***,” Stewart said after watching a video of many different Democrat strategists trying to make excuses for Biden's train wreck debate performance. “And the redemption tour hasn’t gone that much better.”

Biden has been asked to drop out of the presidential race by many including some Democrat House members.

So far, Biden has refused. He says he's staying in.

Stewart wasn't done with the president.

“Do you have any idea how thirsty Americans are for any hint of inspiration or leadership and a release from this choice of a megalomaniac and a suffocating gerontocracy?" he said.

"Do you have any idea what could be ahead of you? All we want is for someone to keep it 100 — the percentage, not the age! That’s all we want!” Stewart added.

Stewart said the Democrats needed to have a convention to figure out what's going on with their party and its president.

Rush Limbaugh's former producer Bo Snerdley called Stewart's rant, "EPIC."


“On Monday, anybody who wants to give their sales pitch on how they can make democracy more responsive to the people it is supposed to serve, you can bang it out,” Stewart said about his convention idea to challenge Biden as the nominee. “On Tuesday, the winners will move on to the next round and then face Biden. They can face Biden; Biden had a bye. Wednesday would be an off-day, bus tour to find the restaurant from ‘The Bear.’ Thursday, the party emerges energized, unified, sanctified."

"You could televise the entire proceeding for four days! You could call it, I don’t know, ‘The Apprentice.’ I’m just workshopping!," he added.

It was a funny bit. But is he wrong?

For the Democrats' concerns about Trump relinquishing his power should he lose an election, Biden seems determined to hold on to his own power right now. Even if it costs Democrats the presidential election, as some Democrats are saying out loud that it will.

Stewart would add, “So feel free to ignore any obvious weaknesses in your team’s existential fight for freedom and democracy, and then just white-knuckle this thing til November."

As of now, that's exactly what Team Biden appears to be planning, an unelectable president going down with the Democratic ship.

Fellow comedian Bill Maher, also not a conservative, made some of the same criticisms of Biden similar to Stewart's complaints last week.

When Democrats have comedic celebrities like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart slamming them, there's a real problem.

But will they do anything about it? Let's hope not.



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