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Left-Wingers Say Biden Now Has 'Immunity' So He Should 'Take Out Trump'

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After the Supreme Court decided that the president has immunity for official acts taken while in office, Leftists couldn't help but fantasize about President Joe Biden assassinating Donald Trump.

You know, those same Leftists who are always telling us Trump is a threat to democratic norms and will behave like a tyrant? Yep, they are eager to behave like a tyrant right now.

The Nation's Justice Elie Mystal said Biden was able “to do the funniest thing ever,” which many took to mean that he was endorsing Biden doing harm to his political enemies.

Mystal said Republicans want the president to be “above the law.'

“Technically, I have to write something," he said. "But I really have nothing profound to ‘add.’ Presidents are above the law. This is what Republicans want. Republicans control the courts, so they won."

"When I started talking about court expansion in 2016…this is why," Mystal added.

Attorney Bradley P. Moss said the Supreme Court gave President Biden “unequivocal immunity” to take military action against Trump.

Moss wanted to the military to also execute Trump's ally, Steve Bannon.

Of course, leftwing blowhard Keith Olbermann was entirely down with this outrageous idea.

Ol' Keith even wanted Biden to throw Supreme Court justices in jail.

Leftist Harry Sisson said the court decision allows Biden to “send in the military to take out Trump” and Supreme Court justices.

There are more examples and I'm sure many of them would say they were just being funny.

But Trump tries to be funny sometimes. Like once claiming he would be dictator for a day if re-elected, tongue obviously in cheek.

Yet the Left still takes that nothing comment as the gospel.

Right now is suggesting Biden do to Trump exactly what a dictator might do. An authoritarian ruler would kill or imprison his political foes.

That's what these Leftists want. So do they have a problem with authoritarianism?

You know the answer.


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