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Let's Take a Barnette Chance, Pennsylvania

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: So, we got a very cool shoutout from Kathy Barnette over the weekend. Thank you, Kathy. We were talking about her last week and her rise, her ascension in the polls for the Pennsylvania primary for the GOP. As she said, "I just saw this wonderful piece from ForAmerica, thank you! I will work every single day to live up to the beautiful words you have written. Let's win this!"

Yes, my words are beautiful, I don't think so. Maybe they are beautiful, let's go with that, let's go with that, they are beautiful. And Kathy's story is beautiful and that's what we were talking about.

Child of a rape. God works in very cool ways, doesn't he? Trafalgar has the latest poll, she's right in the thick of it, second place, 23%. Barnette has gone from two to 13 to 23 in about 70 days. Her story is terrific, child of rape, her mother was 12 years old, father was 21. She tracks everything down via a birth certificate and figures it out. And then there you have Roe v. Wade being decided again in front of the Supreme Court. And you have this woman who is carrying the banner of her pro-life message through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, trying to win the GOP primary.

[Seinfeld audio clip:]

Rava: There are no small coincidences and big coincidences.

No, there are no small or big.

Elaine: There are degrees of coincidences.

Rava: No, there are only coincidences, ask anyone. Are there big coincidences and small coincidences or are there just coincidences? Well?

Yes, Seinfeld, there are no small, there are no degrees of coincidences, there are just coincidences. But I think it is God working his magic, that he's put Kathy Barnette in this position.

Now, she's sitting in a strong second place behind Dr. Oz. I actually checked into Dr. Oz's Twitter feed. The guy is an accomplished guy and his bio starts with Trump-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate, then cardiac surgeon, and host to The Dr. Oz Show. Trump-endorsed candidate for U.S.... I mean, that's a little weird. I mean, I'd be proud of it, sure, be proud of it. Be proud of the fact that you were endorsed by the president. But I don't know, that's just sort of... Be your own guy too.

The cool thing about the Trafalgar poll, if you go through the cross tabs, so Kathy is sitting at 23.2%, second place, this was over the weekend. And of the respondents, there was over a 1,080 likely voter respondents, it was a majority male respondent base, 53% to 47% majority male. Not sure about the other genders, 47% female, 53% male, and then I don't know what other genders might have participated there to make up any more than 100%, but we'll see. But more importantly, only 1.1% of the respondents were black and she's a black woman. 88% of the respondents of the Trafalgar poll that has Kathy Barnette in a strong second place were white. So very, very cool, people were starting to take notice.

So look, I think we're on record... I mean, if I'm a Pennsylvania voter, and this is your call, and I don't have really anything terribly against these other two guys or the other candidates in the race, it seems like a good field, just I'd like to take a chance.

The Democrats are going to put up a socialist for their candidate, who's going to be arguing for reparations, I mean, their words, not mine. So sounds like I'd like to have the black woman with the hell of a story to talk about does Pennsylvania need to be paying out reparations. That seems to be painting in bold colors that I'd want to see.

But then you got Dr. Oz, I mean, Dr. Oz shows up to the president's rally the other day. And look, you tell me if you think this is being booed, okay? This is the crowd when Trump's talking about him.

Donald Trump: My friend, Dr. Mehmet Oz, he's a great man.

It's bad, right?

Donald Trump: Doc-

Let's go.

Donald Trump: My friend, Dr. Mehmet Oz, he's a great man.

Maybe. Sideways thumbs, not a thumb up, not a thumb down.


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